All-white Infant Apparel by Beginnings Baby (Published in Millennial Moms PH)

As a first-time mom, I am quite cautious in the purchases I make for my baby girl, especially when it comes to her clothes. When I was pregnant, I did a lot of research on what infants should wear.  Of course, we, moms, only want what’s best for our baby’s sensitive skin. So from both online research and tips from veteran mommies, I got myself familiar with the essential things to look into when searching for baby clothes such as fabric, size, and safety.

Bearing in mind the things I learned in what to look for in baby clothes, I searched for clothing brands that offer quality garments that will be comfortable for my child without going over my budget.  This search led me to a local brand named Beginnings Baby, which I believe has all the must-haves of a quality baby garment. Founded in 2009, Beginnings Baby is the “first all-white newborn baby apparel brand” in the Philippines.

Read the full product review in Millennial Moms PH.

beginnings baby


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