Thanks to Millennial Moms Ph founder Dette Zulueta for tagging me to share my #OAmom story (inspired by Amanda Griffin Jacob).

Since being a mommy is all new to me, I look at mothering as an exciting new (lifelong) craft. I research a lot about what’s the latest for babies. I share experiences with other moms through online groups.

I get excited about events/activities that will provide me new knowledge that will benefit my baby.

I write about my journey.

I watch video tutorials on breastfeeding, cloth diapering and a whole lot more.

Back then, I thought that being a mom is boring. Now I can say that being a mom is the most creative and resourceful role I’ve ever played. I say OA can also mean “over artistic” 😊


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  1. Jhilmil says:

    Yes being a mom is the most creative thing.. You can look out for a small diapering guide (love cloth nappies) & EC if you love on my blog as well -http://www.mommyinme.com/best-baby-diapers/ , http://www.mommyinme.com/potty-training/ . Thanks:)


    1. Thanks Jhilmil. Will definitely look at that guide. 🙂


  2. Yes there is so much more to mothering than it seems from the outside! I am the same with always reading up and researching different resources etc😄

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