Baby Company Baby Gear Sale 2017

Our Baby Tash turned 4 months recently, and she is now strong enough to join Dad and Mom’s simple getaways.  Whether it’s a quick trip to the nearby store or a long “pasyal day” far from home, hubby and I are always excited to bring with us our baby girl. And since Tash is now a bouncing 6.9 kg baby, it’s no longer easy to carry her in our arms the whole day.

It’s time to get that reliable stroller!

Just when we thought of buying a stroller, I found out about Baby Company Baby Gear Sale. Great timing! 🙂 With a promise of up to 50% discount on select strollers, baby carriers and car seats, the Baby Company Gear Sale was logged right away in my calendar.

Our visit to Baby Company’s SM Aura Premier branch did not go to waste. Baby Tash rode on her new red Chicco Liteway umbrella stroller on her way out of the store.

Aside from the fact that we bought it 20 percent less than its original price, the Chicco Liteway stroller was our top choice because of its portability.  This lightweight stroller can easily be folded just like an umbrella. Perfect for parents (and babies) who are always on the go! Plus, our baby can use it until she’s about 3 years old.

Since he looks forward to daddy-baby time outdoors, my husband also bought the Picolo Baby Hip Seat Carrier. The hip carrier is popular nowadays as this baby gear features a contoured and cushioned seat comfortable for growing babies. It allows parents to carry baby in various comfortable positions.  Sadly, this baby carrier is not included in the Baby Gear promo.


Here are other frugal yet fabulous finds at the 2017 Baby Company Gear Sale:

50% discount on Graco Classic Connect baby car seat

10% discount on this cute walker/rocker by Baby 1st

10% discount on select Avent products

Even soon-to-be moms will surely benefit from this promo.  Up to 50% discount on select maternity clothes!

Since I’m sure that this won’t be the last time we will be needing something for Baby Tash, I got myself a Mom Card, my “pass” for future baby stuff discounts and freebies!

My fellow prudent parents can avail of great discounts at the Baby Company Gear Sale until April 30, 2017.

For upcoming promos and events, mommies and daddies can check out Baby Company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or website. #BabyCompany #BabyGearSale #EverythingForYourEverything

Happy shopping! 🙂


*This review is sponsored by Baby Company, but the items purchased by the blogger are her personal choice and not dictated by Baby Company. Blissful Blooming was featured here.

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