New Date Place for Ice Cream Lovers by Novotel Manila


I have always been a huge fan of anything sweet — from the very Pinoy kakanin to cakes and chocolates and ice creams!  So one night, as I was casually looking at my Facebook news feed, something caught my sweet tooth’s attention. A post by Novotel Manila that says “Ice Cream Lover… The search for the Ice N Cream Dream Team begins!” Did they just call me? The ice cream lover in me panicked! 🙂

With a promise of free scoops of ice cream and a chance to win free staycation package, one year free supply of ice cream and many more, the Novotel iScreamers Search simply requires netizens to post their answer to the question “Why should we pick you to be part of our Novotel iScreamers Dream Team?”  And because I wasn’t busy at that time, I posted my no brainer answer.

A day after, I received a message from Novotel Manila saying that my answer was one of the lucky few deserving of two scoops of free ice cream and a chance to win a free staycation package! Well, more than the free staycation package and the other perks, I really want the free ice cream scoops! So to Novotel’s newly opened ice cream store, I went. 🙂

I was actually expecting typical Vanilla, Choco Chip and Strawberry flavors, but Ice N Cream by Novotel welcomed me with a sweet surprise – a set of new and unique flavors of ice cream (well, at least to my taste)!



Unique flavors like Green with Envy (Avocado with Choco Chips), Tijuana Surprise (Cucumber Dalandan Tequila), Wazzup Soursop (Guyabano), It matcha been love (Matcha), Oh honey honey (Calamansi and honey), and Papa Don Preach (Rum raisin) were perfect alternatives to my usual straight-from-the-supermarket ice cream fix.  Of course, these not so ordinary flavors come with a not so ordinary price tag. A single scoop costs up to P120.

For the ultimate ice cream lover, the store’s signature Le Mont Gourmand is a must-try. It is an extraordinary bowl of ice cream and sherbet scoops topped with macarons, nuts, mixed berries, choco sauce and whipped cream!

Ice N Cream by Novotel also serves mouthwatering pastries.


Located at the ground floor of Novotel Hotel in Araneta Center, Ice N Cream by Novotel is worth a visit, especially for those ice cream lovers in Quezon City.  The small cozy store set-up is perfect for those moments when you just want to enjoy an unhurried conversation over a cup (or cone) of ice cream.  However, as it only started its “scooping” operations last April 16, the store has limited space, which is not ideal for huge groups.


So mommies, if you have sweet tooth like me or if your kids (and hubby) are crazy over ice cream, this is a great date place for the family. 🙂


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