Haakaa Breast Pump, My New Breastfeeding Gadget

Lots of mom’s Haakaa photos have been invading my social media feeds lately. Curiosity got me to research on what makes this new product different from the rest of the pumps available in the breastfeeding market.

With its promise of having less parts to clean and an impressive social media presence, this Haakaa breast pump eventually captured the consumer in me. As I was honestly seeking a solution that will finally remove the cleaning of the delicate parts of the electric double breast pump from my long daily to-do list, I was enticed to buy this one-piece Haakaa pump from Babymama PH.


Haakaa breast pump is a product of a 100% family-owned and New Zealand-run company of the same name. Haakaa is a brand name taken from Haka, a traditional ancestral war dance of the Māori people in New Zealand, which means ‘Be a strong fighter, find strength by choosing to smile through whatever challenges life brings’.  Such an empowering mantra for breastfeeding moms, isn’t it?

At first use of this compact pump, I can already understand why moms around the globe are raving about it. The advantages of using Haakaa are as attractive as its flower stopper! 😊


Hassle-free cleaning

Since the main reason I bought this Haakaa is to be spared from cleaning so many parts, I guess my purchase has been justified.  Since it’s just one whole silicone bottle (and a cute flower stopper), it’s so easy to wash after use.

Easy Use

Unlike electric breast pumps, there’s no need to assemble cords or check on batteries with the Haakaa.  Unlike the manual breast pump, there’s no need to put effort on squeezing or manually pumping.

Since there’s no need to connect it to electricity and no need to manually pump, I can easily attach it on my breast while my baby is feeding on the other breast.  With Haakaa, I am able to collect all let down and no liquid gold will be wasted.  Moreover, if for some reason my baby isn’t in the mood to latch yet but I already feel engorged, I can just pump using Haakaa for instant relief.


Since it is made from 100% medical grade silicone, the Haakaa is soft and comfortable to use.

Girly Flower Stopper Accessory

Kikay moms can opt to buy an accessory for the Haakaa called the Flower Stopper. I admit this is another reason I bought the product. It’s so cute!  This girly accessory for the silicone breast pump will sit tight in the neck of the pump and will stop any spills or accidents.  I have proven that it’s very effective! Plus, you can choose the color of flower. I picked purple! 🙂 🌸

Babymama PH, breastfeeding store


The Haakaa is ideal for moms who are always on the go. It’s so compact, it fits perfectly into my office bag!


Despite the many benefits of the Haakaa, I still cannot let go of the good old electric breast pump.  Using Haakaa to express milk at work is time-consuming. Since a working mom like me is only allowed to take a few minutes of “lactation break”, using the Haakaa alone will not suffice.

But I do not regret purchasing this compact pump.  It will be valuable during emergency engorgement scenarios.  It will also serve as a milk catcher during breastfeeding sessions. 😊

For info on how to use the Haakaa, you may visit the Haakaa website.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie S. says:

    So its not manual? How does it work?


    1. The silicone pump can do the suction thing all on its own. You just have to do one gentle squeeze initially, then the pump will just work its magic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. caitcance says:

    Thanks for the honest review! I always love reading reviews that include the pluses and minuses. I can see why a pump with fewer parts to clean is appealing, but function trumps all when it comes to breast pumps!


    1. That’s true. Whatever will give us the best result wins. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. tiffindrama says:

    I love how compact it is, too. I could easily put this in the diaper bag and it wouldn’t even take too much space.


  4. Angela Milnes says:

    This looks like a great pump. I used one when sylvia was young and it came in very handy


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