Mommy Mundo Passport, Sunlife Insurance and Journey Box

I applied for a Mommy Mundo passport for PHP500, but I received so much more!

Along with the Mommy Mundo passport came a Journey Box that contains a lot of great mom/baby products, a Sunlife Personal Accident Insurance Card and a Dove Confident Girl pouch! Now that’s really more than PHP500! 😊

Why did I get the Mommy Mundo Passport in the first place?


Well, aside from wanting to receive the many good stuff inside the Journey Box, I decided to get myself the #MMPassport because Mommy Mundo organizes a lot of exciting events for moms like the Expo Mom and I wanted to get free access. 😜

Other than getting free access to select Mommy Mundo events, my Mommy Mundo Passport grants me the following perks:

-Guaranteed copy of the Mom 24/7 Planner

-Discounts and privileges from Mommy Mundo partner brands

-Earning points when purchasing from The Mommy Mundo Shop

-Personal Accident Insurance from Sun Life

Moms today are blessed that communities like Mommy Mundo exist to organize meaningful events that aim to empower moms. With my #MMPassport, I’m ready to join upcoming mom events and grab other amazing opportunities for moms like me. 🤱🏻

Get your Mommy Mundo passport too, Mommy! Visit

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