PUR Philippines Grand Launch + Product Giveaway

PUR, a baby brand from Thailand, is now in the Philippines!  My daughter Tash and I were happy to be part of its official launch last Sunday.

33-year-old Baby Brand

Since it was my first time to hear about the baby brand, I was surprised to know that PUR is actually one year older than me. 😊

This baby brand was born in 1985 behind a noble groundbreaking pursuit to develop silicone nipples in collaboration with German multinational company Bayer.

So apparently, long before I was born, PUR has been innovating simple, safe and comfortable products for babies around the world.  😊 Today, PUR baby products are distributed in around 30 countries.

PUR Philippines

Believing that Filipino parents and children will also benefit from PUR products, Main Pacific Features, Inc. brought the PUR brand here in the Philippines.

Opening Remarks by Ms Marites De Joya Limtong, COO of PUR Philippines
Closing Remarks by Mr Harry Limtong, Chairman of the Board of Main Pacific Features, Inc.
PUR officials with PUR’s brand ambassador Ms. Trishka Puno-Samonte

PUR Philippines offers a wide range of baby products like feeding bottles, silicone nipples, training cups, soothers and teethers, weaning and cutlery sets, bottle brush, milk powder container, nasal aspirator, silicone toothbrush, and medical nurser.

PUR Feeding Bottles: Ideal for transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding

What I like best from the many quality baby products of PUR is its Advanced Feeding Bottle, which I think is a great help for moms who already wish to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

PUR feeding bottles have an integrated breastmilk feeding system. Aside from preserving the expressed milk’s nutrients during storage, PUR feeding bottles make use of advanced pro-flo nipple technology, which feeds the baby with similar breastfeeding experience.  Equipped with an air valve at the base, the nipple initiates a venting process upon use.  It provides unrestricted flow of liquid, and thus improves the child’s drinking experience.  The nipple technology also prevents colic, nipple collapse and gas.  Plus, of course, it’s BPA (industrial chemical used in making certain plastics) free!

Our Favorites from PUR

Aside from witnessing the launch of PUR Philippines, my daughter and I are happy to have witnessed the convenience and ease of using PUR baby products.  I’ll share with you three of the PUR baby products that my one-year-old loves to use. 😊

Advanced Feeding Bottle

This is actually my favorite bottle to bring whenever we’re on the go simply because it’s slim and lightweight. It’s so easy to fit inside my toddler’s cramped baby bag. 😊 Plus, I love that my toddler’s little hands don’t have a hard time holding it since the bottle is ergonomically designed to provide an easy grip for little ones during feeding. I’m also happy that there’s no milk leaking from her mouth whenever my daughter drinks from her PUR feeding bottle.

Straight Classic Bottle

Tash likes drinking from her PUR Straight Classic Bottle. I’m guessing it’s because of the bottle’s cute kiddie design. 😊 What I like about it aside from being slim and light is its versatile color scheme (yellow and blue), which can be used by both baby girls and baby boys. So that means we can still pass my daughter’s bottles to her future baby brothers or sisters. Practical, diba? 😊

Ridge Sport Cup

My daughter always asks for water or juice every time we go out, so this sport bottle from PUR is always inside my toddler’s bag. What I like about it is it has a built-in straw that makes it easy for my child to drink water or juice. The straw is bendable, so it just folds whenever we close the bottle.

PUR Products Giveaway

My little girl and I would like to share the joy of using PUR baby products to readers of Blissful Blooming blog. 😊

Check out Blissful Blooming’s Facebook page for the updated mechanics.

We will announce on our Facebook page the two blooming moms who will win assorted PUR baby products on August 6, 2018.

To shop for PUR baby products online, visit the PUR Philippines website.

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Love Compoc says:

    Wow gaganda ng products nila.Join po for my baby boy ❤


  2. Love Compoc says:

    Liked on ig : iamlove_iloveyou po


  3. Deborah Anna Dividina says:

    Joined for my 1 month old baby. We want to try PUR baby products! Looks great and awesome! 😍
    IG: @dheb_dheb


  4. Cathelyn Consigo says:

    Im so excited! Sana mapili ako. Gift na to birthday month ko po. And I have a month old son. Goodluck to all blooming mommies 😊


  5. Mommy Vergeluna says:

    I wanna try it too. Thanks for a very informative blog. Joining for my baby Jayenz 😍😍😍😍


  6. Chin Enriquez says:

    To know that PUR has been around for 33 years is something to really consider when buying for our lo’s. I would loooooooove to have and try the weaning and cutlery set for my 8month lo’s feeding journey. ❤


  7. divine labbuanan-cabral says:

    yayyy!!! so generous❤❤❤ sana masubukan din po ng baby ko ang PUR sport straw cup😊😊😊


  8. Hi ms. Gwen nabasa ko po lahat and i wanna try the PUR Philippines feeding bottles, and silicone toothbrush. Until now Im a breastfeeding 🤱🏻 mommy to my youngest son (19 month old). na try ko na po lahat ng feeding bottle hanggang ngayon ayaw na pa rin bumitaw sa akin gusto ko sanang ma i-train sya sa bote para makapag work na ako. hoping this will help me. thank’s & God Bless 🤗
    IG: @sopiaabadiano


  9. Hello po gusto ko malaman po about sa PUR products…


  10. Filipina Canaling says:

    It is also a year older than me too.
    I learned that they have this anti-colic cute Dolphin bottle with silicon nipples too.
    Really wanted to try and use ot for my 6-month old baby girl. Want to try their Ridge Sport Cup as well for my three-year old.
    IG: @fhinaphina


  11. Jeniffer Ajero says:

    As a full time mom who have active daughter I would love to try I PUR Sport Straw Cup because it’s convenient whenever my daughter and I going outside, it has Flip flap protective cover to prevent against dirt from the outside, Body has ridges to provide an easy grip and encourage self-feeding, BPA Free and made with high quality plastic material. Hoping to win for my daughter. Thank you so much for sharing your blessings through giveaways more followers to come and Cheers to more years!😘😊💜🎉🎉🎉
    IG: @jhenajero1993


  12. Mariya Bektorya says:

    Whoa! The brand is older than me. This sure is trusted by many! Hope I have a chance to try these brand for my daughter. ^_^


    1. Mariya Bektorya says:

      IG: @mariyabektorya


  13. Elikah Guariño says:

    Hi there mommy! I would love try the PUR ‘s feeding bottle and since parang magkakaroon na ng teeth si baby id like to try the teether for her i l know she will defenitely love this product. Hoping to win this for my baby girl.


  14. Janine Marie D. Grayda says:

    Wow! want to try PUR products for my 4 month old Baby. Loved it!


  15. venus says:

    i hope na mapili po ako hihi. 1st time ko sasali. 😊


  16. Thea Jasmine says:

    I would love to try their feeding bottle for my 2 month old daughter


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