Snail Mucus Mask from Korean Brand ‘Cool Collection’ + Giveaway

Believe it or not, my husband and I used to have regular “facial treatment” sessions when we were still dating. Of course, we had the luxury to do that when we weren’t thinking about buying diapers or saving for tuition fees yet. 🙂

Three years into marriage, my husband and I can no longer afford to have weekly facial treatments. It’s hard to bring back this weekly luxury of ours when we now have to bring with us our adorable toddler during weekend dates, and we have other more important things to spend on. But as they say, couples need to make time for “couple time”, and we moms (and yes even dads) owe ourselves a pampering beauty treatment once in a while. So pano na??

Hubby and I discovered an affordable yet effective option for our beauty rest bonding — facial sheet masks! Big thanks to celebrities like Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid for taking to social media this hot beauty trend of 2018! 😎

While there are a lot of facial sheet masks available in the market today, hubby and I were lucky to try the Snail Mask Pack from Korean brand Cool Collection.

Who would’ve thought that the slow, lowly snail can contribute to people’s skin care regimen? This little worker in the animal kingdom secretes a thick gluey substance that contains nutrients meant to shield its skin from damage.  Since the nutrients found in the snail’s slime or mucus are known to be good for the skin, it is now used as an ingredient in some beauty products like the snail mucus mask.  Don’t panic, dear animal lovers! No snails are harmed during snail mucus extraction. 😊

Benefits of Using Cool Collection Snail Mucus Mask

benefits cc mask

  • Excellent Healing and Regeneration Ability

A protective film is formed on the skin to maintain moisture.

  • Light and Shiny Skin

The snail mucus component contains a whitening ingredient that helps make the skin fairer and clearer. It is also rich in dietary fiber that prevents allergy and skin inflammation.  It is also ideal for preventing acne and folliculitis.

  • Soft cellulose fabric that feels good on the skin

Can be done at home for just 15-20 minutes

When you’re already a parent, you’ll wish that every little task on your list can be done at home and as quick as possible. With the Cool Collection facial sheet mask, we don’t need to go out just to get a few minutes of pampering. Plus, we can get this much needed beauty rest even with our little toddler on our bed.

Easy to apply

Unlike other skin care products that take too much time and effort to use, the facial sheet mask is easy to apply.

cc mask

  1. Clean face with soap or cleansing foam.
  2. Attach the cotton sheet pack to face and remove the white film on the other side.
  3. Let it stay on your face for 15-20 minutes, but there’s no problem if it stays on your face for 24 hours so it’s OK to have your beauty sleep while the sheet mask is on your face.
  4. Remove the sheet mask from bottom to top.
  5. Wash lightly.
  6. Apply toner.

Excess fluid from the mask may also be applied to your neck, arms, and legs. 🙂


Where to Buy

Cool Collection Snail Mucus Mask Pack can be bought from online shopping platform Shopee under Clare & Nicey Cosmetics, which sells various beauty products from South Korea.  It’s also great to try the other variant of Cool Collection sheet mask called Chrysanthemum Flower.  😊


Our sheet mask experience was a great breather for me and my hubby. Plus, I honestly feel that my skin got the proper hydration it deserves.  Looking forward to more beauty rest couple bonding using sheet masks! 😊

We can never defy ageing, but we can always do something to make us look and feel young and stress-free regardless of our age. Let’s not forget to work on the skin care regimen and always try to get enough beauty sleep! 🙂

The after sheet mask wacky pose 😜


Blissful Blooming X Clare & Nicey Cosmetics Giveaway

Who wants to try the Cool Collection Facial Sheet Masks? Comment below your Facebook or IG username to join. Blissful Blooming and Clare & Nicey Cosmetics will send samples to one lucky commenter. 🙂

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    1. Diba ang hirap mag singit ng me time or date with hubby? Haha! Kaya home-based na lang din pati facial treatment. 😊 Thanks for joining, Mommy Amery! 🙂


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  21. Thank you for joining, everyone. We will announce on our Facebook page the lucky winner of Cool Collection sheet masks this week. 🙂


  22. Grace Choi says:

    Hi. Thank you for promoting our products nicely. The logo has changed due to trademark dispute with Chanel in France. If you give us your address, we will send you a new product with a changed logo.


    1. Hi Grace. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m from the Philippines. May I know your email address? Mine is Thanks.


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