Lavender Loca: The Calm Box Perfect for Every Tita or Mommy Me Time ❤️

Basking in the glory of my early 30s years, I must admit I now enjoy anything “tita” or “momshy”. 😎 Thanks to the ingenuity of millennial moms and titas for making such things as aromatherapy and meditation look so cool and chic. You see, there’s nothing terrifying about being “lampas sa kalendaryo” nowadays. 💃🏻

One of my favorite go to stores when it comes to my tita thrills is an online gift shop called Oonah Homemade Creations. It’s an online business by husband and wife Elbert and Veron Malonzo who make their own amazing products. Their natural and homemade products are ideal gifts, event tokens or “me time” paraphernalia.

The main product of Oonah is the mini soy candle made from natural soy wax and premium grade fragrance oils imported from the U.S. Oonah candles are carefully hand-poured in small batches and 100% dye-free.  The burn time is approximately 15-20 hours.

The best part is that you can choose from several fragrances that will surely help any Tita of Manila relax during her “me time”.  The scents include Vanilla, Lavender, Rosemary Mint, and CINILLA (Vanilla and Cinnamon).

Aside from soy candles, Oonah offers other homemade products like soy wax tablets (air fragrance), and room/linen spray.

What I’m so thrilled about is I was the first to try their latest product (which they will soon launch in their online shop), the Lavender Loca Box!

Lavender Loca Box ❤️

Check out what’s inside! 🤩

After a long day, I enjoy a relaxing night bath and use the Activated Bamboo Charcoal handcrafted soap with lavender scent. It cleanses, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin while giving that relaxing feel.

My favorite item is the soy candle – Eros scent, which is a combination of lavender and patchouli. ❤️

Whenever my toddler is already asleep, I grab a few minutes of “mommy me time” by lighting a soy candle, doing some slow breathing and meditation techniques (with matching relaxing instrumental music). Simple mommy joys! 🥰

I spray a little bit of the Calming Lavender room/linen spray before I go to sleep. It helps relieve my headache and helps me relax during bed time. ❤️

To complete its “titaness”, the Lavender Loca Box has a 100% cotton shawl, perfect for that tita/momshy outfit. 🥰

Good news to all those who love tita stuff! Oonah will be choosing one lucky reader of Blissful Blooming blog to be the first to own a Lavender Loca Box!

Please visit Blissful Blooming’s Facebook page for the mechanics. 😎


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovell Compoc says:

    wow ang calming at relaxing nyan Mommy 💓 Been very busy lately at now lang weekend nakapag social media bilang pumapasok na daughter ko sa morning at eldest sa hapon so i am still trying to manage time with a breastfeed baby too. Things like this is already heaven for moms like me.


    1. That’s true, Mommy Lovell. Simple quiet time sa house nakakapagpa relax na sa atin. 😍 Have a relaxing weekend with your family!


  2. Olive Amelita Ramos says:

    Lavender Loca Box ❤️…. precisely a simple mommy joyous stuff!


    1. Simple joys for moms ❤️


  3. Dyanna Mae Cañas says:

    Would love to win this giveaway contest so I can try all of these for free since I am a fulltime first-time mom, I badly need this for my me-time at home to somehow get the relaxation I need despite a busy schedule every mom like me has from taking care of their child and doing all the household chores repeatedly, this will somehow make us feel better and recharged. Joined in on facebook already! Thanks for this chance, blissful mommy!🌸💗

    FB: Dyanna Mae Cañas
    IG: @dyannameowww


    1. Thanks for joining, Dyanna! 🥰 We deserve to relax, Momsh.


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