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This 2021, one of my goals is to create more delightful meal times with my family. Since we still can’t dine out with the little one, I want to make healthy and delicious meals that we can enjoy right inside our home. That’s why even if I’m just a kitchen newbie, I try to learn recipes that will give my family the feeling of “eating in a restaurant”. Aim high, right? 😉

Creating healthy and sumptuous meals for my family is possible with the help of 👩‍🍳 Check out this website for easy-to-follow creamspirations, yummy meals made special with Nestle Cream.

Since I love salmon, the first recipe I tried this year is the Creamy Baked Salmon. It’s perfect with buttered mixed veggies and potato marbles.

Last Christmas season, Tash and I made holiday desserts. One of the desserts we got from was Strawberry Mousse. It was such a hit for our little girl. 🙂

What recipes do you want to try this year? Share your recommended recipes so I can study them too. 🤓

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