Taympers (time first)!⌚️

If you’re a 90s kid with a happy childhood, you probably said this line several times during play time decades ago.

Whether it’s tagu-taguan or patintero we were playing, the magic words “Taympers” (with matching hand gesture forming the letter T) gave us the super power to be exempted from being tagged by playmates even just for a few seconds. 😆 It gave us a temporary immunity from defeat because our playmates acknowledged our need for rest and water break. Though often, it was just our childhood strategy to prolong the moment of not becoming “it”. 😉

Nowadays, it feels like I am in need of that innocent but powerful “Taympers”! How I wish we can say that too to obtain even just a temporary immunity from pressure, deadlines, virus, and other things that overwhelm us. 😄

And why not? My daughter says, “we have a choice, Mom.” 😉 So this weekend, I’ll choose to give myself that “Time first/ time out” my mind and body need.

If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed too, find your rest zone and tell your adult playmates, “you can’t tag me just yet! I’m on time first mode…at least for the weekend!”😉

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