Fun Ways to Help Young Kids Master Math

As a child, I never liked Math. While I did get a decent grade for my Math subjects from preschool to college, Mathematics wasn’t my cup of tea. Unlike other Math wiz kids, I had to devote a few hours to practice computations or understand the Math concept.  Math was difficult for me. Even until now, numbers and Math equations make me nervous. Thank God for Excel sheets for helping me with the budget. 😄

When my daughter began her formal school journey, I was a bit scared that she’d find Mathematics boring, difficult or intimidating.  To my surprise, Math became one of the subjects that our little girl found interesting.  To be honest, her growing interest in Math didn’t happen overnight. It is the fruit of a conscious effort to help her enjoy while learning. So I’m sharing some of the things that helped my child enjoy learning Mathematics even at an early age.

Make use of technology

Children today are extra lucky that they have a wide array of learning materials, both traditional and digital.  Nowadays, smart devices are part of our life. It can be use anytime, anywhere.  That’s why I make my daughter make good use of it by using apps that help her learn while having fun.

I’m glad we discovered Mathpid (, an app that helps hone kids’ Math skills.

Mathpid is an educational app developed by Woongjin ThinkBig, an education company in Korea with more than 42 years of expertise in education and advanced AI technology.  Many Korean students are currently using this app.

What we love about the Mathpid app

  • Diverse lessons and topics for kids in Pre-Kinder up to Grade School –  My child is in Kinder, getting the hang of counting from 0-100. I’m glad how the Mathpid app is a great supplement to her Math lessons in school. During free time, she enjoys using Mathpid app to practice more Kinder Math activities. What I like most about the app is that, it’s something that my child can use for a long time because the Math topics aren’t limited to preschool Math. There’s a variety of topics including Math operations, fractions, decimals, and more. That means the app will be useful until my daughter is in gradeschool.
  • Customized education through personal learning analysis – What I like about Mathpid is that it allows my child to study Math at her own pace and according to her capacity.  The app provides my child a personalized set of Math topics to learn based on the result of her AI Diagnostic Test, which my child took before use the app.  The Diagnostic Test was helpful in determining my daughter’s level of Math proficiency. That’s why she did not get overwhelmed when she started using the app.
  • AI Math tutor for my child anytime, anywhere –  Since the Mathpid app can be used on smartphones and tablets, my child can learn Math whenever and wherever it’s convenient.
  • Fun Math games that kids enjoy – My daughter is a Kinder student who still wants to play, play, and play. So learning is more interesting for her when it’s in form of play. One of the features of the Mathpid app that allows her to enjoy learning Math most is the  education game MathFarm.  By having fun planting and harvesting at Genie’s Farm, she doesn’t notice she’s already learning simple Math concepts.
  • Math worksheets for practice – Mathpid also spared me from having to download Math worksheets from different websites. By simply opening the app, I have access to unlimited math problems that I can let my daughter solve to hone her Math skills.  The easy-to-download worksheets cover a variety of topics from counting and simple Math operations such as adding, multiplying to advanced math like fraction, equations, functions.
  • Math Camera – Another cool feature of the Mathpid app is the Math Camera.  My child can write a Math problem on a sheet of paper and take a photo of it using the Math Camera, then Mathpid app will recognize the Math problem and teach her the correct answer.  She can also write the Math problem directly on her gadget and have the app recognize it to find the right answer.

Downloading the Mathpid app for my daughter is a good decision. It made her more confident and happy about learning numbers and other Math concepts.

I know many parents will also find the Mathpid app helpful. Download the app now at Google app store ( and Apple store to help your child enjoy learning Mathematics more.

Use visually-stimulating materials

Anything colorful and visually-stimulating can attract and retain the attention of my daughter. From counting colorful buttons to drawing pictures of cake slices, we use the mighty power of visuals to make our little one understand a Math concept.

Whether it’s fraction or addition, the key is to make Math visual. According to MIND Research Institute co-founder, chief technical officer, and senior scientist Matthew Peterson, Ph.D, students can learn why their answers are right or wrong by representing math problems visually.

Play games

Yes, it’s a no brainer. Playing is a fun and effective way for kids to learn. Since my daughter is competitive, she is motivated to learn Math when she’s playing and having fun—whether it’s online Math games or traditional games incorporated with Math concepts.

Watch educational videos

Watching educational videos for a limited time offers benefits to kids.  When I was a kid, I watched the educational TV series Math-Tinik, and it helped me a lot. I think Math videos still work nowadays. My daughter learned counting numbers and simple addition from Numberblocks. 😉

Get physical

While solving Math problems is a very mental activity,  Math concepts can also be mastered by engaging in physical activities. Children are attentive and motivated when they are active. 

When my daughter was 4, she enjoyed decoding numbers in plate numbers of vehicles in a parking lot.  Roaming around a parking lot, we acted as spies looking at the plate number of every car.  She had fun recognizing the numbers.

You can also try incorporating Math concepts when doing physical activities such as stacking sticks, fishing, planting seeds, and playing catch.

I’m so glad my daughter developed an interest in Mathematics at such an early age. Thanks to the many fun ways to master Math, especially the Mathpid app which my child really enjoys using regularly. Hope these fun strategies I shared will also help your kids to fall in love with Mathematics!

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