Blissful Blooming is a blog about a young woman’s awkward yet exciting transition from being a carefree young adult to being a new wife and a millennial working mom. 

The Author with her lovable and very huggable Baby Tash


“How can you make a wife and a mommy out of me?” I kept asking God since the day I got engaged.

Believing that I lacked a lot of traits and skills needed to be a homemaker, my apprehension almost outstripped my wedding day excitement. To be honest, the whole idea of me going through all giant changes — wedding preps, entering into a lifelong covenant, and eventually bearing and raising a child — overwhelmed my entire being.

While other radiant brides-to-be were giddily talking about their Pinterest-worthy wedding day ideas, I was silently pondering on my capacity to be an “ilaw ng tahanan”. How could somebody who knew nothing about cooking, doing the laundry, preparing the household budget, taking care of younger people or making a husband happy become a wife or a mom?

Clouds of doubt and fear made the start of my flight to family life a bit shaky, yet God fastened my seat belt and made sure that I had a safe and smooth landing on the first stop-over of my Singlehood-Wifeyhood trip: the wedding day and the first few months as newlyweds. The journey has just begun, and I’m happily enjoying the next leg of this thrilling venture, which is motherhood.

This blog is all about my awkward yet exciting transition from being a carefree young adult to being a wife, a mom, a certified grown-up. It feels like it’s just yesterday that I was pondering on what design of wedding gown would look best on me, and now, I am searching for different household products and baby stuff.

Though the shift surely is easier written and said than done, I know that I will joyously blossom in time through God’s grace.

Through this blog, I happily share my mommy thoughts, mommy finds and lessons learned with other beautiful women bound to take a similar path. Have a blissful blooming, ladies!

Gwen  🙂