PETA’s Charot play

Being a big fan of Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) after watching the popular Rak of Aegis play three years ago, I didn’t think twice when my sis in law invited us to watch Charot. Charot is a Filipino colloquial term that means “just kidding”. A comedy intelligently written, Charot gave me the dose of…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There’s certainly more to LOVE than the fancy gifts and romantic dinners. Have a Happy Heart day everyday!  #valentine2019 #happyheartsday  

Best part of a working mom’s day

The best part of a #workingmom ‘s day is going back to a child so excited to spend whatever’s left of the day with her mom. And yes, I’m always willing to give up my exercise time in exchange for playtime with this little girl. 🥰

Traveling then and now

When I was single, I used to travel a lot with friends. I used to be a fan of seat sales and office group travels. That season of my life is over. 😅 Nowadays, the exciting thought of travel comes with a bunch of other considerations: what’s the budget, can I bring the husband and…

Nurture Your Child’s Gifts of Generosity and Gratitude

Are gifts starting to pile up under your Christmas tree? 🙂 Surely, we can never escape receiving gifts this joyous season.  Why? Because Christmas is the season of giving, a season of sharing, a season of love! 🙂 No matter how grand or simple, gifts are people’s “concrete” way of showing their love and care….

Hello, Terrible Twos! 👋🏻

A smile that melts Mommy’s heart 💜 Our one year old is always a sweet and happy baby. But just recently, she surprised me and her Dad with unexplainable crying and shouting…at the mall! Welcome to terrible twos’ world! 😱 As first-time parents, we were so shocked, confused, annoyed, frustrated and worried. Why is she…

4 things I learned from being a “helperless” working mom

I’ll share with you my secret frustration these days.  It’s my failure to get a household help, a nanny, a yaya.  Finding a helper is a constant item in my weekly to-do list that I never get to accomplish. It’s a task that neither my online searching nor my husband’s exceptional networking skills can achieve….

My Mom Mentor

I love this throwback photo of me and my Mom. Back then, people couldn’t imagine me as a mother. 😂 I was quite the opposite of my mom. While she was athletic (yes, she can dive and is good at sports), brave, street smart and decisive, I was so frail and useless in the house…

Marriage and family life aren’t always Instagram-worthy

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:6-7. This was one of the readings I personally chose for our wedding mass…

Mom’s Joy behind the Halloween activities

When I was still single, I looked forward to Halloween events in the office simply because I loved seeing cute and cuddly babies in oh-so-fluffy costumes! Never imagined myself being the stage mom incessantly taking photos of her little one. Well, fast forward to 2017, and I’m now the doting mother to this adorable pink…