Tash’s 1st Solid Food…Avocado!

I’m so happy that Tash has another milestone: eating solid food! 🙂

Two weeks ago, hubby and I started to let Baby Tash take small amounts of broth, as per the instruction of her pedia.  My Mom also started giving her rice water. She loves everything we give her. It isn’t surprising why she’s almost 9 kg already! Haha!

Today, I went to the market and spotted on some ripe Avocados. 🥑  Bearing in mind the baby food tips from some mommy friends, I got really excited to let Baby Tash taste this healthy fruit.

Considered as one of nature’s perfect foods, Avocado boasts of high nutrient content.  It is also considered a “good fat” food, which can help in baby’s brain and physical development.

Since I’m no good in cooking, I started with the simplest baby food recipe! All I needed were the fruit, a good old blender (a gift on our wedding which I just used today), and Tommee Tippee food pots with lids!  I just scraped the Avocaodos and put the pieces in the blender until smooth. Hubby and I added water. As advised by my sis-in-law, I added a small amount of Tash’s milk.

My little girl was so happy with her pureed Avocado! 🙂

References: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com, http://www.parents.com

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