Blissful Blooming is a lifestyle blog that covers the typical concerns and interests of a millennial mom in the Philippines.


From changing diapers to instilling discipline, parenting is such an exciting and patience-testing journey. With all the joys and hardships it brings, being a parent is both a sweet blessing and a serious responsibility.


Being in a circle of loving and supportive parents, siblings and relatives is important in every child’s development. While it is not a walk in the park, family life is definitely worth fighting for.

Married Life

So you’ve watched the World of the Married Couple? Indeed, married life has its breathtaking ups and downs. But more than being an intriguing topic for a trending Korean series, marriage is a calling, a covenant, a gift from Above.


Aside from being parents, we are humans who need to breathe, take a bath, relax, enjoy a good movie, travel, do yoga, yearn for spiritual guidance, bake, and change social media profile pictures.