Writing has always been my passion.  This art form, which people seldom appreciate, has been my favorite self-expression, stress reliever and creative outlet.  At the same time, writing has always been my source of income. The responsibilities I had in the Corporate Communications world years ago helped fill not only my pocket but also my my mind and heart.

After giving birth to Tash, I found a new medium and niche for my passion — mommy blogging! 🙂  To give my writing a bit of depth and purpose, I decided to write not only to fill my own pocket, mind and heart but also to share ideas and experiences that might benefit other young parents.  I also hope that, through writing, I may help promote brilliant but shy ideas/products/services waiting for their time to shine.

As I’m always on the lookout for noteworthy content, please send me a message if you have an interesting topic to share.  I’m also open to blog collaborations and product reviews.  I am also excited to explore freelance writing opportunities. Please check out my humble business,  NGS Communications.

I am also ALWAYS willing to write about advocacy/programs/social enterprises that GENUINELY aim to make our world a better place, one little good deed at a time. World peace! 😍

Send an email to if you think I can help your business with what I do best.