Sharing the meatier and cheesier McSpaghetti meal with my family

Eating spaghetti brings happy memories to me.  Well, that’s obviously because as a 90s kid, I grew up in a generation whose kiddie birthday parties were never complete without a spaghetti (plus hotdog with mallows on a stick).  So it’s amazing how a simple plate of spaghetti can trigger so much joyful nostalgia.

mcspaghetti, meatier and cheesier, new and improved mcspaghetti, mcdonalds ph

Now that I’m a mom, eating spaghetti offers one more happy benefit for me — bonding with my daughter and my hubby.  Whenever I share this happy meal with my family, it’s like all the happy hormones I got from the birthday parties I attended as a kid come back to life.  Even over just a simple spaghetti meal, I get to create more happy memories with my family. 😊

And I’m sure we will be looking forward to more spaghetti sharing moments because of McDonald’s  new and improved McSpaghetti! 🙂 It’s now meatier and cheesier — just exactly how kids and kids-at-heart like me want their spaghetti! With more ground beef and hotdog slices and topped with more grated cheese, the new McSpaghetti is definitely kid-loved and mom-approved (and yes, it’s also dad-approved)!

For only P59, you can enjoy McSpaghetti with a drink. If your little one is requesting a Happy Meal, you can buy a McSpaghetti meal with a toy for only P99.

mcspaghetti, meatier and cheesier, new and improved mcspaghetti, mcdonalds ph

I’m sure more families will share a lot of happy Spaghetti bonding moments too. Visit any McDonald’s stores nationwide or order via

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