Sun Life Prosperity Card – the gift card that let’s you invest, not spend

The most unique gift I received on the Christmas of 2018 wasn’t any of those beautifully wrapped presents under the family’s Christmas tree. It was a little card enclosed in a plain white envelope – a little gift with a huge value from Sun Life! 😊


The Sun Life Prosperity Card is a gift card worth P5,000.00, which may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc (SLAMCI).  It may be used as a starter fund or be given as a gift for loved ones. The user or recipient of the Card should be the one to activate it.

The Prosperity Card is not refundable or convertible to cash. It may be used solely to invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Funds. For a change, I received a gift card which I can use not to spend but to save/invest for my future.

Who wouldn’t be delighted with a gift that allows you to make an investment?  At my age, everything that will help me achieve financial security, financial freedom or financial wellness is highly appreciated.

What to do after receiving a Sun Life Prosperity Card


  1. Go to and click “Activate Card.”
  2. You will need to sign up if you don’t have a Prosperity Card Online account yet. If you already have an account, log in and click “Activate Card.”
  3. Fill out the investor forms – Investor Information Form, Investor Profile Questionnaire and Order Ticket. Indicate the Card Number under Payment Details in the Order Ticket.
  4. Upload one valid ID and proof of billing/supporting document. Read through the terms and conditions and click “Agree”
  5. Print your Investor Information Form (IIF) and submit it together with the ID used for online card activation at any of our Customer Centres. To print the IIF, go to “My Account” then click “View Forms” and print.

Financial Store

  1. Submit the following forms/documents to the Customer Service Associate.
    Investor Information Form
    b. Investor Profile Questionnaire
    c. Order Ticket – Indicate the Card Number under Payment Details in the Order Ticket.
    d. Prosperity Card
    e. One valid ID
  2. The Customer Service Associate will refer you to a Sun Life Advisor to assist you.

Sun Life Advisor

If you need assistance in filling out the forms, you may speak to a Sun Life Advisor.


Because I am so happy with what I received, I’ll be sharing with you the basics (which I got from Sun Life’s prospectus) about this awesome gift of prosperity .

What are mutual funds?

When you invest in a mutual fund, you contribute your cash to a pool of investments along with many other people. Professional money managers use the cash to buy securities on behalf of all the contributors. A mutual fund invests in different kinds of securities based on its investment objectives. For example, a Philippine equity fund buys mainly shares of companies incorporated in the Philippines, while a balanced fund buys a mix of equities and bonds. These securities form the mutual fund’s investment portfolio. The value of these securities changes from day to day, reflecting changes in economic and market conditions, interest rates and company news.

What do you own?

You receive shares in a mutual fund in exchange for the cash you contribute, and you become a shareholder of the mutual fund. You participate in the fund’s income, expenses and capital gains or losses with reference to the number of shares that you own.

Is there a risk of investing in a mutual fund?

While there are many potential advantages to investing in mutual funds, investors need to be aware of the risks in order to make informed investment decisions. There are different risks such as market risk, liquidity risk, index risk, to name a few.  Additionally, returns of the funds are not guaranteed in a mutual fund, and there is a risk that a fund might not achieve its investment objectives.

Make additional investment for as low as P1,000

Now that I have opened my Sun Life Prosperity Fund account, I have the option to make additional investments in the future.  The minimum additional investment is just P1,000 for Peso Funds. And big thanks to technology, I can monitor and access info about my account online via SunLink Online. 😊

As moms, working towards financial wellness should be one of our goals.  With crazy family expenses in sight, I know it will be hard, but an investment for our family’s future will always be worth a try.  But since there are risks seating alongside all the promising gains, it will be wise not to invest “everything”.  Set aside some for investment, but never invest the money that’s meant for the family’s basic needs – food, shelter, education, health. 😊  So let’s find ways to increase our income so we can have extra money for investment.

You can also buy your loved ones or yourself this gift of prosperity.  Visit the SLAMCI website.

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