Family Pictorial by Andrea Zubiri Photography

Most of our little family’s photos are not “Instragram-ready”. That’s because my husband just usually takes a quick groupie shot of us while his other hand is carrying our 15kg toddler. 😂 Well, because we don’t have a helper, it’s either we settle with the blurry selfie 🤳 or we beg a random stranger to take our family photo. Story of your life too? 😆

Because I love photos, I dreamed of having nice unposed pictures of our family — something worthy of using as a header image for the blog or including in a photobook.

Thanks to the awesomeness of Internet that I found Andrea Zubiri Photography which specializes in family photos and portraits. Andrea captured well the candid happy moments of our little family. It’s like freezing the moments so one day, when Tash is all grown up, we can look back at these wonderful moments together. 😍

💄by @lhiezlecreatives

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