Let’s Protect the Earth’s Future Today: Tetra Pak’s School Recycling Programs in the Philippines

Tetra Pak, one of the biggest food processing and packaging solutions company in the world, has been committed to its sustainability efforts in the Philippines. One of these is school recycling programmes that have been set in motion since 2002 – Care & Share and Eco Caravan – with the intent to promote and educate Filipino students on used beverage cartons (UBC) recycling.

Tetra Pak Malaysia Singapore Philippines_Recycling Awareness (1)

The Care & Share program is an annual interschool competition where students from
participating schools are encouraged to properly dispose their used beverage cartons for
recycling and to drop them off at recycle bins provided by Tetra Pak in their schools. At the end of the school year, the schools with the most number of packs collected are awarded prizes. Through this program, Tetra Pak has successfully reached over 518K students with its 212 school partners.

Tetra Pak Malaysia Singapore Philippines_Driving Circular Economy

The Eco Caravan are environment talks conducted by Tetra Pak in schools to educate
students on the importance of recycling and the right way to dispose drink cartons through fun and engaging activities.

Protecting Futures, Today

Sustainability is here not only to preserve the environment but also to protect the welfare of people. As we acknowledge the growing environmental crisis on this day and age from plastic pollution to carbon emissions, we need to grow more conscious about the impact we have to the environment. Our habits today predict what our future holds. As we thrive to meet our own needs, our future generations should not be stripped of their ability to meet their own. These global efforts are significant steps to creating a future where people and planet can both prosper.

Know more about Tetra Pak’s sustainability efforts from its Sustainability Report 2019.

Moms and Dads, let us do our part in educating our children about sustainability by encouraging the habit of recycling at home. 🙂


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