NEW Pampers Sensitive Wipes

One of the baby products that I can’t live without is the baby wipes. Since Tash was a newborn until now that she’s an active toddler, the mighty wipes has been a big help during cleaning time. From diaper changing and removing the mess after feeding to cleaning up Tash’s hands and face after hours of outdoor play, the baby wipes always comes to my rescue!


That’s why we’re excited to try the NEW Pampers Sensitive Wipes! This new wipes from Pampers offers gentle but effective clean for babies and toddler (and oh yes, even moms).

Pampers Sensitive Wipes comes with soft and thick fluffy sheets that enable gentle, effective cleansing without easily tearing. Every sheet is guaranteed to be PH-balanced, paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, and alcohol-free with Pampers’ unique formula that helps protect baby’s skin from diaper rash. It is dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin making it safe for baby’s bum.

KV wipes

“Pampers continuously aims to deliver the best products for baby’s healthy development such as providing quality diapers suitable for baby’s delicate skin,” said Akhil Meshram, Pampers Country Leader. “This is why we are launching Pampers Sensitive Wipes, to offer gentle and effective cleaning for baby especially when diaper changing.”

About Pampers® Sensitive Wipes

  • Protects Baby’s Sensitive Skin: Helps maintain skin’s natural pH
  • 0% Phenoxyethanol, Paraben, Perfume & Alcohol: Specifically designed with your baby’s skin needs in mind
  • Our Thickest and Extra Soft Wipes: 20% thicker to help clean delicate skin gently
  • As Mild as Washcloth and Water: Ideal for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Clinically Proven Gentle: Designed with your baby’s delicate skin needs in mind
  • Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic:To ensure they are gentle against your baby’s skin


Pampers Sensitive Wipes minimizes the risk of diaper rash and makes sure your wipes are free from harmful chemicals that may irritate baby’s skin.

Now available online and at major retailers nationwide, Pampers wipes comes in 2 different sizes for a suggested retail price of Php 139.00 for a pack of 56 sheets and Php 260.00 for a pack of 112 sheets. Wipe counts per pack vary by size and pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.

If you want to learn more about the product and information on how to keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy, check out:

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