Life lesson from a quarantine summer

This magnificent mango tree is the scenic view closest to Masungi Georeserve that we can enjoy this quarantine summer. 🌳 🌤 Every morning, Tash and I will open our room window, stare at this beauty, greet it good morning, count the birds that fondly nestle on its strong branches and marvel at the many fruits it bears.

It’s been our ritual for 41 days (and counting) which started mainly to keep an inquisitive toddler busy even just for a few minutes. Soon, I realized this tree-gazing activity benefits me more than it does our toddler. It gives serenity and healing to an adult like me who’s struggling to be still in the middle of quarantine and pandemic.

As I try to continue with our daily activities during this “new normal”, this tree is a reminder that life continues with so much hope.

Like the tree, we experience now how it is to be sedentary, immobile, out of control. Despite the storm, there’s no way to run or hide. From day break til sunset, we remain in one location. The tree, however, teaches us that being static doesn’t mean losing life. Even if the tree is stuck to the ground for ages, God breathes life into it that it may continue to serve its purpose. In its stillness, the tree thrives. Its branches provide home to little birds. Its leaves carry on the oxygen-making business for planet Earth. Its fruits offer a promising snack for the baranggay tanods who find rest under its shade. Its existence gives solace and strength to my vulnerable mind.

So whenever I feel overwhelmed by our “new normal”, I look out the window and stare at this creation. It’s a beautiful reminder that God is working quietly on our seemingly static, motionless and out of control lives. We may feel helpless, restless and anxious, but let us find joy and hope in knowing that our Creator is brilliant enough to make us bear fruits, provide shade and remain beautiful in whatever soil we might be stuck to right now. ❤️

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