Have yourself a Peachfull Christmas at TrueWin, Taiwan’s #1 Fruit Tea Brand

I’m so thankful that we’ve regained some of our freedom to enjoy the outside world during this most wonderful time of the year. While observing safety protocols, I treated myself to my much-needed “me time”.

One of my self-care treats this holiday season? A few hours of “Momma chill time” over a healthy drink and yummy snack at TrueWin, Taiwan’s #1 Fruit Tea! 😎

And yes, it’s really my lucky day because TrueWin has just released its Peachfull Christmas Offerings perfect for this festive season!

Peachfull Christmas at Truewin

This December,  TrueWin wishes everyone a #PeachfullChristmas with its three peach fruit tea drinks—Peach Green Tea, Savory Cream Peach Green Tea, and Savory Iced Peach Green Tea.🍑

All these peach fruit drinks are perfect to pair with TrueWin’s delicious meaty and flavorful soufflé offerings. You can choose between their Bacon Savory Soufflé and Ham & Cheese Soufflé. 🥞🥓🧀

Refreshing Peach Tea Drink

With its first shop rooted at the heart of Taipei, TrueWin brought Taiwan’s famous fruit teas to the Philippines. Not your typical fruit-flavored iced tea, what made TrueWin’s beverages stand out is the meticulously blended tea and real fruit juices with the freshness of real fruit slices or chunks.

Because I love peaches, what I enjoyed most about the Savory Cream Peach Green Tea I ordered is the real fresh peaches in the drink. The fresh peaches came from Taiwan, which is known for producing sweet varieties of peaches. Taoyuan, a city in Taiwan, is actually called “Peach Garden,” because the city is known for its orchards of peach trees.

The peaches in my drink were juicy, soft, and sweet. With a hint of acidity, the sweetness of the peach fruit goes perfectly with the savory taste of green tea. The cream on top gives this holiday drink a pleasingly rich, sweet taste. Plus, the fresh fruits had an irresistible fruity aroma for a truly refreshing gastronomic experience.

Holiday Souffles

I paired my peach drink with a light and fluffy souffle topped with crispy bacon strips. What I love most about TrueWin’s souffles (and I mean all variants) is the perfectly sweet and salty thick layer of white, frothy sweet cream on top of it. The sweetness of the cream complements the salty and savory taste of bacon. I’ll try the Ham and Cheese Souffle in my next visit.

TrueWin’s Peachfull Christmas Offerings are available this December 2021 for a limited time only. Have a Peachfull Christmas experience with your friends and family (or yourself) this month. Visit TrueWin Philippines at 2nd Level SM North Edsa Annex.

You may also take the Peachfull Christmas experience at home. Order now and have your drinks and souffles delivered at your home.

For more information about TrueWin’s products, follow TrueWin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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  1. Owen Ponce says:

    Refreshing and premium quality #TrueWinPh


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