Tea Party themed Bridal Shower by Sisters & Titas of Manila

My sweet sisters-in-law Manay and Karen organized my absolutely wholesome Tea Party-themed bridal shower at our home sweet home.



To address my two major weaknesses, the first part of the bridal shower was a cooking and make-up tutorial!  😊  I must admit that cooking and good grooming are essential in surviving my entry into wifeyhood, but I’m too lazy to pratice them on my own. Hence, my sisters-in-law forced me to learn the ropes.

Good luck to me!

In the second part of this wholesome bridal shower, my relatives (Titas of Manila included) and church friends all showed up in their pretty pastel or flowery outfits.


We had a great time doing the wholesome bridal shower games like “Tissue Paper Wedding Gown” game.  They also shared words of wisdom, in the form of colorful blocks, that I can take with me in my wifeyhood journey.


I’m one blessed bride-to-be! 🙂

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