Maternity Photo Shoot

In a millennial preggy’s bucket list is a baby bump-centered maternity photo shoot. Well, women in previous generations might frown at the thought of taking a photo of their bulging tummies. With the technology at hand, however, women of today say “why not?” to preserving an image of their very pregnant self.

I was one millennial preggo who wanted pretty pictures of my big baby bump. I was just so in awe of how God could possibly breathe life inside that big beautiful bump of mine. My pregnancy was a blessing, and I wanted a concrete souvenir of such sweet memory.  Hence, I scouted for the most practical photo session package out there.  Luckily, Great Image had a promo for its Blissful Collection, a photo package for maternity photo shoot.  It was great that hubby was allowed to join.

great image maternity photo shoot

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