The Baby Shower

One of the cute milestones in a pregnant’s diary is a baby shower for her and her baby.  On my first pregnancy, I was blessed to have two baby showers (one was given by my former colleagues from the PSE and another was organized by my highschool friends).  I was supposed to have three baby showers, but the third baby shower arranged by my sis-in-law didn’t push through as I already went to labor hours before the baby shower was scheduled to start. Baby Tash was in a hurry! 🙂

Usually, baby showers are organized by friends and family members of the soon-to-be mom, but even preggies can organize their own baby shower.  So whether you are the soon-to-be mom or you are that one amazing friend who wants to throw a baby shower, here are some things to remember when planning the event:

  • Timing is very important. For me, the last week of the second trimester of pregnancy is the ideal time to schedule a baby shower.  This is typically the time in a woman’s pregnancy when her energy is back, her preggy symptoms are milder than the 1st trim, her belly and body are not yet that big. But of course, you need to remember that each preggy has her own unique pregnancy, so better check with her first before scheduling the event.


  • Invite only those who are close to soon-to-be mom (and dad).  Remember that there are uncontrollable hormones that make a woman’s temper go wild during pregnancy. Hence, preggies can be a bit sensitive and may want some privacy when it comes to their pregnancy. So inviting only those who are truly close to her is a safe decision.


  • Be careful with the food you will serve. Take into consideration the diet of soon-to-be mom. Make sure not to serve food and beverage that she is not allowed to enjoy. For instance, if she has gestational diabetes, sweets are a no-no.  It’s safest to prepare only healthy meals for mom-to-be and her guests.


  • Presents are as welcome as presence.  Whether she admits it or not, a preggy will certainly appreciate gifts on her baby shower as this will surely help her and her hubby tick off some items on their shopping list for baby.  If you are the organizer of the baby shower, it will be helpful to get a baby gift registry.  Some of the stores that offer gift registry for babies are SM Baby Company, Mothercare, Rustan’s, The Landmark.  You may also want to inquire from online shops offering mommy and baby products such as Baby Mama, Cudsly, and Baby Company.

So go ahead and shower mom-to-be with lots of love and joy before the little one  arrives! 🙂

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