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Tips for traveling when pregnant

I was 3 months pregnant when my family had this Singapore-Malaysia vacation. I was blessed to have a healthy pregnancy two years ago. I’m thankful that pregnancy didn’t hinder me from working as well as doing the things I love. Are you pregnant but must travel? 🙂 Below are some of the things I did… Continue reading Tips for traveling when pregnant

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4 things I did to conquer my fears of pregnancy and childbirth (Published in The Asian Parent)

Many women in my generation keep an awful picture of labour and child birth in their mind. Blame that on exaggerated movie scenes, grandmother’s anecdote, or the stressful child birth video clips presented during Biology class. Thanks to all these, the thought of another human coming out of your own body is now as disturbing as zombie invasion.


Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

I flunked my two glucose tests during pregnancy! My Oral Glucose Challenge Test (known in the pregnancy world as OGCT) and Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (aka OGTT), generally taken between 26 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, declared that I have gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). “You need to be seen by a diabetologist,” said my OB. … Continue reading Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

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Pregnancy Essentials

Being pregnant is certainly not a walk in the park, but there are several things that will make those pregnancy symptoms easier to bear. I'm happy to share with you the products that helped me survive (and even enjoy) the whole 9 months of my "preginess". Pre-natal Vitamins Pre-natal vitamins are very important during pregnancy.  These… Continue reading Pregnancy Essentials


Pre-natal Tests

Aside from the regular check-ups with your OB, another thing that will demand time and treasure from you while you are pregnant is the long list of pre-natal tests and screenings that your OB will require you to undergo.  Here are the tests that was required of me: These pre-natal tests and screenings will surely… Continue reading Pre-natal Tests

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Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016

In the Philippines, there are so many restrictions imposed on a pregnant woman not just by her OB, but also by her family, colleagues, friends and yes, even strangers. "Buntis ka, bawal kang lakad nang lakad. Wag ka maglalalabas. Bawal ka nito. Bawal ka nyan." As if you're debilitated, people will (sincerely or not) caution… Continue reading Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016


Finding out I’m pregnant

I have always known in my heart that I am called to be a mother. I just didn’t know that motherhood would arrive during the honeymoon stage of our married life. Just almost 7 months after our wedding day, I was blessed to conceive.  🙂 Being a newbie in the human reproductive domain, I struggled… Continue reading Finding out I’m pregnant