Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016

In the Philippines, there are so many restrictions imposed on a pregnant woman not just by her OB, but also by her family, colleagues, friends and yes, even strangers.

“Buntis ka, bawal kang lakad nang lakad. Wag ka maglalalabas. Bawal ka nito. Bawal ka nyan.”

As if you’re debilitated, people will (sincerely or not) caution you about almost everything.  As their unsolicited advice will sometimes scare the hell out of you rather than encourage you, sometimes, they’re actually doing more harm than good. Hence, many preggies would rather stay home, lay gloriously in their beds and do nothing.

Unless their doctors declare that they have a high-risk pregnancy (forcing some preggies to be on bed rest), I believe that women should remain well-rounded even during pregnancy. The 9 months of gestation should not be spent in anxiety, fear or boredom. Instead, this period should be filled with moments, activities, conversations that will help a woman nourish her body, mind, and soul in preparation for a greater role in life, which is being a mom.

So on my second trimester, when my morning sickness finally left me in peace, I decided to look for activities that will help keep my pregnant body fit and active and at the same time, motivate me in this new phase of my life. One of these activities is the Smart Parenting Baby Shower.

The first part of the event was an informative talk from a power couple offering childbirth classes and doula services, Manny and Betty San Luis of Birthing is a Blessing. My thoughts on healthy pregnancies were confirmed by this couple. According to them, pregnancy is not a sickness. Hence, pregnant women with healthy pregnancies (again, those with complicated pregnancies are an exemption) should not act as if they’re sick. Hearing something positive about pregnancy from pregnancy and childbirth “specialists” is, of course, uplifting for a newbie like me.


They also encouraged us to look at the birthing process as something naturally designed for women. Yes, it is a laborious, painful process, but it’s something that women shouldn’t fear because we are all created for this special purpose.

As if the speakers’ encouraging words were not enough to boost the preggo attendees’ mood, Smart Parenting provided sumptuous, healthy meals for us.
If the morning session of the Smart Parenting Baby Shower strengthened my will power, the afternoon session’s prenatal yoga with Teacher Monica of Onelife Studio strengthened my preggy body and mind. Just like your usual Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, teaches students to relax and maintain focus. The different poses help improve one’s balance, flexibility and strength. This is very helpful in preparing women for labor and childbirth and easing the many physical aches experienced by women during pregnancy.
Pretty blogger and mom Patty Laurel-Filart also gave a short presentation on Baby Belo products which are all “certified 100% natural with 0% chemicals. She also shared her exciting experiences as a new mom. Moreover, an OB Gyne from Medical City also gave a talk on infant care.
Sadly, I wasn’t lucky enough to win raffle prizes, but I definitely am satisfied with Smart Parenting Baby Shower’s free loot bag containing many baby care essentials!
The best part of this baby shower is that it’s free! All I had to do was register. Fortunately, someone in the first 100 preggies to register backed out, and I got a slot! I was one happy preggy! 🙂
Watch out for the next Smart Parenting Baby Shower or other exciting events through Smart Parenting’s Facebook page. That’s where the group announces its upcoming events for preggies and moms.

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