Raising Children in a Digital World by Michelle Lichauco-Tambunting

Though my daughter is only 7 months old, I decided to attend the Pre-school Block talks at the Smart Parenting Convention 2017.  Since the Pregnancy and Newborn talks were no longer appropriate for me, I opted to listen to talks related to dealing with toddlers. Considering how time flies when I take care of Tash, I’m sure I’ll be needing these bits of info in no time.

smart parenting convention

The Pre-school Block covered three informative talks: taming tantrums, demystifying dengue and raising children in the digital world.  While I surely learned a lot from all the talks, the last topic was my favorite.  It’s a timely and relevant topic, especially for millennial moms.  Whether we like it or not, our children will grow up in the era of mobile apps, social media, e-commerce, vlogging, and more.  So since raising kids in the digital age is inevitable, all we can do is plan very well how to deal with it.

How to raise children in the digital age


Our opinions and parenting styles may differ when it comes to our kids’ exposure to the digital world.  Some parents can go as stiff as “no gadgets until college” (Haha! Just overstating.)  Some are more lenient, allowing their kids to play that mobile app on weekends or watch that Youtube video once a week.

While we all have our own thoughts on this, I’d like to share to other parents a sort of summary of the talk given by Michelle Lichauco-Tambunting, co-founder and Directress of Young Creative Minds Preschool.  I hope you’ll find the same inspiration I got from the main points of the talk.

smart parenting convention

How to get that Balance

No specific rule was mentioned in Mommy Michelle’s talk.  Considering the uniqueness of every family, she said that there is no one sure way to succeed in raising a child in the digital world.  Styles/rules may differ depending on the personality of the mom, the dad, and the child.  Our guiding light should always be to encourage optimism in every family member and to achieve that balance in the digital world.

So instead of giving us a list of don’ts, Mommy Michelle gave us a list of things to do to encourage positive developments in children in this digital age.


Sharing the list with fellow parents. 😊

  • Let the screen (mobile phone, tablet, computer) be your LAST DEFENSE.
  • Set time limits.
  • Teach your children how to DELAY GRATIFICATION.
  • Take them outdoors.  Their brains and eyes need that break.
  • Purposely slow down their lives.

My favorite tip is to take children outdoors.  Aside from the fact that I love outdoors, I believe this is a positive way to make our children refrain from using gadgets.  Instead of being that “kontra bida” mommy giving them a stern command of not playing video game or watching online videos, why not be the best mom evaah who invites them out for an equally cool and entertaining alternative – an outdoor adventure! Go fishing. Watch sunsets together.  Fly a kite.  Experience nature.

Nature is a vast playground where children can learn a lot of things and have fun at the same time.  It need not be an expensive outdoor adventure.  I’m sure even a simple walk in the nearby park will entertain the curious minds of toddlers.

I’m grateful that I got to listen to Mommy Michelle Lichauco-Tambunting’s inspiring talk.  A few years from now, when Tasha already asks for a tablet, I’ll surely need this post.


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  1. Shannon Mika says:

    It’s a REAL problem – trust me. But, that said, just being aware is the best start!


    1. Awareness is the first step. Being aware of the reality will help us be extra mindful of how we deal with our child.


  2. Erica Q says:

    Ugh this is a big problem in our house. We are working on it everyday. Hanks for all the great tips.


    1. You can do it, Mommy Erica. 🙂 It’s part of the family adventure.


  3. The most important thing is getting that balance! it is so difficult to raise kids with so much technology all around


    1. I agree. It’s not a good idea to isolate them or totally ban technology because the truth is they will eventually need it in school and at work. We don’t want to raise gadget addicts, but we don’t want our kids to end up ignorant either. So balance is indeed a must! 🙂


  4. Melissa says:

    These are great tips. I am sure there are no rules or guidelines because it is still so new and we don’t know what will happen to our digital natives. It sounds like an interesting discussion for sure.


  5. I’m just thankful my baby daughter still enjoys playing with a roll of tissue. I can imagine how it’s a big challenge for moms with toddlers and teens. I salute you, moms! 🙂


  6. Hi Gwen,
    Thank you for your insight on raising children in a digital world! It is definitely an important topic as our digital landscape is constantly changing. I am currently working on a social innovation campaign focusing on the negative impact of social media on children, teenagers and young adults. One of my goals is to provide tips for parents trying to ensure safety for their children on social media. However, not all parents are familiar with technology which may make it difficult for them to guide their children. What are some tips or advice you would give for parents who are not technologically savvy?

    You can check out my website here 🙂 : https://thenotsosocialmedia.wordpress.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Vivian. Your advocacy is admirable. I will share your site to other parents.

      Yes, we need to pay attention to children’s use of social media nowadays. For parents who are not tech savvy (and for all parents), my personal belief is an effective strategy to guide children is still to spend quality time with them. Play basketball with them. Go swimming, biking. Watch movies together. If parents have a deep and exciting connection with their kids, the children would not always be hooked on gadgets or social media because they enjoy spending time with their parents, their family. As young as they are, it’s also good to introduce them to worthwhile yet exciting activities like sports, arts and crafts, music. I believe offering more exciting alternatives is better than just banning them from getting into social media/gadgets.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Gwen! I appreciate your help 🙂


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