Smart Parenting Convention 2017

Because I gained a lot of freebies and wisdom from its previous events (Smart Parenting Baby Shower and Smart Parenting Baby and Birth Workshop) when I was still pregnant, I made sure not to miss the first ever Smart Parenting Convention. So though I had to tag along my 9 kg baby girl (Thanks to our reliable carrier for making things possible!), I went to SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2 on July 29 for this big parenting event. #SPConvention2017

Upon entering the hall, I was welcomed by booths that showcase various brands offering products that parents and soon-to-be parents definitely need.

Products for pregnant 🤰🏻

Products for breastfeeding mommas 🍼

Products for babies and kids

Products for the Home 🏡

My favorite booth though was the one filled with colorful and cute toys. Plush & Play is the charming brand that caught my daughter’s eyes (and mine as well).

There’s a great story behind these cute fruity characters of Plush and Play, so they deserve their own blog post in Blissful Blooming. Read more about the heartwarming purpose of Jessica Saging, Manny Pakwan and the gang here.

There was also a dedicated play area for kids. 👍🏻 This was a plus point for moms and dads who brought the kids with them. Their children played while they checked out the different booths.

Other than the one-stop shopping experience for parenting needs, the Smart Parenting Convention provided informative talks on pregnancy, baby care, raising kids and other relevant family matters. Parents and expectant parents had the option to choose which block of topics they’d like to listen to.

Even though Tasha is just 7 months old now, I still chose to attend the talks on the pre-school block. I think it’s great to have advanced knowledge. Haha! Read about what I learned from the talk on Raising Kids in the Digital Age here.

Other than the knowledge I gained from the talks, I was also thrilled by the freebies given afterwards.

Attending parenting events doesn’t only give me new knowledge and freebies, but it also reminds me that there are other parents who understand my parenting joys and hardships.  I am not alone in this whole new world I’m living in.

with mommy blogger Nish 🙂

Looking forward to other exciting events that will help us become smarter parents, Smart Parenting! 🙂

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