Birth and Baby Workshop by Smart Parenting

Since I enjoyed my experience at the Smart Parenting’s Baby Shower event, I attended another event for pregnant women organized by Smart Parenting — the Smart Parenting Birth and Baby Workshop.  Like the Baby Shower event, what’s best about the Birth and Baby workshop was it’s free! All I needed was to be one of the first 100 ladies to register. Lucky me, I secured a seat! 🙂

Other than the free buffet lunch, free snack and a loot bag filled with free baby and mommy products, the empowerment I obtained through the different talks were truly worth my time.  One of the discussions I found very useful and motivating was Doula Aurelin Fernando’s talk on Lamaze.  The Lamaze concept, developed by French obstetrician Ferdinand Lamaze, is very encouraging for pregnant women as it increases confidence in women’s ability to give birth.  Through the talk, I learned a handful of coping strategies for labor, including various breathing techniques and correct labor positions.

The fear-tension-pain cycle theory was also explained in the talk. Pain in labor starts with the pregnant woman’s fear.  Hence, it is important to turn this fear into knowledge, so eventually the tension will turn into power, and the pain will turn into progress. Thus, preparing for childbirth by keeping physically fit and healthy, learning about childbirth through seminars/classes or reliable reading materials is very helpful in eliminating or lessening the anxiety of every pregnant woman.

Other interesting topics covered by the workshop were infant care (by Doula Aurelin Fernando), breastfeeding 101 (by. Dr. Jaime Isip-Cumpas), and nanny training (by Menchit Ordoveza).  There were also various baby product vendors offering discounts and product demos for the soon-to-be moms. 🙂

Watch out for the next Smart Parenting Birth and Baby Workshop or other exciting events through Smart Parenting’s Facebook page. That’s where the group announces its upcoming events for preggies and moms.


Doula Aurelin Fernando giving a talk on Lamaze



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