Kiddie Birthday Party with Chickie Boy of Max’s Restaurant

I love attending birthday parties, especially now that I have a child. Aside from being part of someone’s special occasion, birthday parties are a chance to bond with family members. More than the sumptuous meal and the fun games, I value the time I spend enjoying with my husband and daughter. So every time we get invited to a birthday celebration, we make sure to mark it on the calendar.

One day, we received an invitation to the kiddie birthday party of a cute big fellow named Chickie Boy. He’s neither a relative nor a family friend, but he’s part of our life simply because he represents one of our family’s favorite sources of comfort food, the good old Max’s Restaurant. 🙂

Having been around since 1946, Max’s Restaurant has been a household name in the Philippines. Its specialty, the Max’s Fried Chicken, will always have a special place in every Filipino’s heart (and tummy). ❤️

So when we received the invite to Chickie Boy’s birthday party, we made sure not to miss the fun occasion.

Chickie Boy’s party was just like any other kid’s birthday celebration.

It was filled with cakes, games and activities, sweets, dance number, giveaways, and food!

What made it unique though were the party booths that showcased Max’s Restaurant’s various themes for kiddie parties.

Princess Palace Theme

Super Racer Theme

Chickie Boy Party Theme

There are other themes such as Outer Space and Carnival.  Max’s can also customize themes upon request.

Aside from the collection of exciting themes to choose from, parents can pick from three sets of meals for their child’s party.

Max’s Restaurant also offers a hassle-free Premium Party Package good for 20 pax.

For a more exciting party, parents can also get additional party goodies.

Thank you, Chickie Boy, for sharing with us your birthday joy! Baby Tash and Mommy Gwen surely had lots of fun! #kiddiepartytothemax #maxschickenph

Moms and dads who wish to celebrate their children’s birthday with Chickie Boy may contact 7-9000 or visit

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  1. What a beautiful party set up. Everything looks so festive and wonderful.


  2. Yes, it was a fun party, Dr. Ho. 🙂 Thanks!


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