Finding out I’m pregnant

I have always known in my heart that I am called to be a mother. I just didn’t know that motherhood would arrive during the honeymoon stage of our married life. Just almost 7 months after our wedding day, I was blessed to conceive.  🙂

Being a newbie in the human reproductive domain, I struggled in this very important aspect of a married couple’s life. Given my not-so-impressive health regime, my then stressful commute-work condition and my sensual illiteracy, becoming pregnant was like Aerospace Engineering to me! 🙂  And though I was certain that a woman’s body is designed to make babies, back then, I just couldn’t picture myself succeeding in having a baby bump because I knew I was short of so many basics needed to procreate.

Observing typical pregnancy symptoms
But on a week I was physically and mentally stressed the most (Hello to my former Makati-based PR work), I noticed some changes in my body and emotions. I was easily upset and was bizarrely vocal about my disappointments. By the end of that draining week, I felt a strange level of discomfort in my abdomen, which was something more pronounced than my usual pre-menstrual aches.  That’s when I realized that my menstrual period was already 6 days delayed.  That was very uncommon for me because my period was so regular that my period tracker can only be late for a day or two.

Not sure if that was mother’s instinct, but the moment I learned I was 6 days delayed, I just knew I was pregnant. Exhausted during my commute from Makati to our home in Quezon City, I remember talking to my baby, “Sorry for the stressful week, baby. Be strong lang.”

Doing the Home Pregnancy Test
Not informing my husband about my strong pregnancy intuition yet, I secretly bought Medic pregnancy test kit from a nearby drugstore to find out if I was pregnant.  Following carefully the kit’s instruction, I did my pregnancy test early in the morning and waited for 2-3 minutes for something to happen. Like a grade-schooler amazed by the latest Science experiment in front of her, I stared at the Medic pregnancy test device, magically painting two violet lines from nowhere. The two clear lines confirmed my hunch — yes, I am certainly pregnant!


Confirming the pregnancy 
After breaking the news to him, my ecstatic husband insisted that we see an OB Gyne that very morning.  We went to one of Medical City’s satellite clinics and presented my science project, or my home pregnancy result, to the OB. Upon seeing the result, the OB advised that I either have a blood test or a trans-V ultrasound to validate the home pregnancy test finding. We opted for the ultrasound, and voila! We found out I was less than 5 weeks pregnant. The OB asked me to take folic acid, and upon learning that I have a demanding job and an unavoidable 4 hours of commute every day, she recommended taking Duphaston for a week.

I’m just grateful that I found out about my pregnancy really early.  The earlier you know that you’re pregnant, the better you can prepare for your pregnancy.  It is good that in the early stage of the baby’s development, you can already change for a healthier lifestyle, avoid the things harmful for the baby, take necessary supplements and give your body the much needed rest.


The prenatal check up
Some weeks after my pregnancy was confirmed, I had my first prenatal check-up with our chosen OB Gyne, Dr. Michelle C. Dela Cruz.  In search of an OB Gyne that will meet our requirements, my husband and I spent some time asking for referrals and checking pregnancy forums.  In looking for an OB, we considered the doctor’s qualifications, reputation, clinic location, hospital affiliations, fees and lastly, the doctor’s demeanor.

After considering several recommendations, we decided we wanted to give Dr. Dela Cruz’ clinic a try.  Her own clinic called Lagro OB Gyne Ultrasound Clinic in Novaliches, Quezon City is just a 30-minute drive away from home. Other than the fact that she was referred by a good friend of mine, Dette, plus the nice things her patients say about her in several expectant moms’ online forums, Dr. Dela Cruz’ calm and welcoming yet very professional approach made me and my husband decide that she was the right OB for us.  Dr. Dela Cruz also accommodates patients in her clinic at the Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center.

On our first prenatal check-up, I had a transvaginal ultrasound again to check if the pregnancy was really viable. Thank God baby’s doing just fine!



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