Hours before our wedding

In my carefree and confusing quarter-life-crisis days, I worked as a part time wedding coordinator whose main JD was to be the bride’s shadow — follow the bride wherever she goes and offer her a helping hand. Back then, I would arrange every bride’s long train, hold their bouquets for them, hand them tissue to wipe their tears, tell them stories to keep them calm and make them tell stories to keep me awake. Back then, every wedding was a job promising me an extra income at the end of the day.

Fast forward to September 5, 2015! I was a shadow no more, and a wedding meant a whole lot more. Early call time was bearable because I was with my family and friends. Checking Church and reception paraphernalia list was easy because of my favorite wedding coordinator friends our new-found trainees. And best of all, my wedding was a blessing promising not an extra income, but a loving husband at the end of the day.






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