Wedding Gown by Desino Dulce

Every bride has her own dream wedding gown.  Some want big and fluffy ball gowns, while others prefer the sexy mermaid cut gown.  Some would die for Vera Wang’s iconic wedding dresses, and some would happily buy ready-to-wear (RTW) gowns from simple bridal shops.

Regardless of the style and the maker of their gowns, I believe brides become their most beautiful when they wear with confidence the wedding gown that they sincerely love. My wedding gown was a bit different from the rest, but I loved every second that I wore it.

My vision of my dream wedding gown was shaped by a movie character I admired when I was a child.  Lady Guinevere, the leading lady of both Sir Lancelot and King Arthur in the movie The First Knight, was actually my fashion inspiration for my wedding gown. Call it medieval and super old school, but I loved the idea of a woman wearing a long dress with a cape. To me, it looked so feminine yet so fierce.

So when I got married, I wanted my wedding gown to have a cape – a sheer white cape. All I needed was someone to make it for me without questioning its fashion sense.  And as expected, it’s not an easy task finding the right gown maker who will understand my medieval fashion preference. My motto for this wedding was “Look for the most beautiful among the most practical, and look for the most practical among the most beautiful.”  I checked different couturiers and RTW shops. I went to bridal fairs and even Divisoria shops. Of course, the goal of this practical bridezilla was to find a wedding gown maker who can make my dream wedding gown come true without forcing us to shell out a huge amount of money.

During one our bridal fair visits, a lady from one of the supplier booths handed me a brochure of Weddings by Desino Dulce.  As the supplier’s sample gowns worn by its slim mannequins looked so elegant and expensive, I was a bit hesitant to start a conversation with the lady, but before I could turn her down, she introduced herself to me. To my surprise, she’s Dianne, a former officemate of mine who left the corporate world to pursue her love for fashion, and Weddings by Desino Dulce happened to be their family’s booming business. That was the start of making my dream wedding gown come true.

My wedding gown

During my wedding, I felt like a Lady Guinevere.  Dreams do come true.  🙂



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