Tips for traveling when pregnant

I was 3 months pregnant when my family had this Singapore-Malaysia vacation.

I was blessed to have a healthy pregnancy two years ago. I’m thankful that pregnancy didn’t hinder me from working as well as doing the things I love.

Are you pregnant but must travel? 🙂

Below are some of the things I did to make traveling when pregnant more comfy and enjoyable.

Get a go signal from your doctor before traveling

Our Singapore-Malaysia family trip was scheduled months before I found out I was pregnant. Since I already had a plane ticket and hotel reservation, I really wanted to travel despite being 3 months prego. But of course, safety was still the priority, so I sought my OB Gyne’s medical advice before pushing through with trip. I was so thankful when my doctor said I and the baby were strong and healthy enough to travel.

Bring the medicines and other vitamins

To ensure the baby inside me would be safe during the trip, my OB Gyne gave me medicines to take before traveling and for the entire trip. Medicines and other stuff like folic acid, calcium supplements should be part of a pregnant’s travel essentials.


Bring the medical clearance and other pregnancy-related medical records

The medical certificate showing OB Gyne’s approval of my travel was a document as important as my passport. Why? Because the airline staff asked for it before allowing me to board the plane.

It is also wise to always bring pregnancy-related records such as ultrasound results, doctor’s prescription, and the maternity book.

Bring Ginger Candies

For unavoidable instances when the “morning sickness” strikes, Ginger candies may help save the day. I brought one pack of Gingerbons (ginger candies you may find in drug stores near you) during our Singapore-Malaysia trip. It helped me fight morning sickness while we were inside Universal Studios Singapore. 🙂

Bring your own preggy kit

My preggy kit contained a bottled water, crackers, the ginger candies, plastic bag (in case my morning sickness strikes), wipes, tissue, Bonamine and Biogesic (the only OTC meds my OB allowed me to take while pregnant), and Spa in a Can by Echo Store. Each pregnant has her own unique pregnancy needs. Place everything you need in your preggy kit and put them inside an easy-to-carry bag or pouch.

Wear comfy footwear

While this is a must for every traveler, wearing a comfy footwear is 10x more important to a pregnant traveler. Walking during travel when you’re pregnant is not an easy task so you better get your feet an attire that will keep you safe and comfortable when walking.

Protect yourself against unpredictable weather

While it may be an additional baggage, bringing umbrella, hat or cap, and jacket with hoodie is important when you’re pregnant and traveling. You’ll never know when the rain will pour or when it will be extra hot. When you’re pregnant, you just can’t afford to be sick, so it’s better to use protective gear.

It rained for a while during our Merlion tour. Good thing I had a hoodie. It may not look good on photos, but I didn’t care since the hoodie was meant to protect me and the baby inside me. 🙂

I was surprisingly stronger, healthier and more empowered when I was pregnant, and I’ll forever be thankful to God for that miracle. No wonder that little life growing inside me two years ago is now one tough, healthy (and yes, chubby) baby. 🤰🏻✈️🚘

I pray other soon-to-be moms will also experience a healthy and empowered pregnancy journey. 🙂

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