Dicasalarin Cove: Coz Baler is not just for the Surfer

When people say Baler, the first thing that comes to mind is surfing. So being the non-surfer and “not so sporty” person that I am, I wasn’t that excited when my husband told me that we’re going on a Baler trip with his officemates.  Aside from the fact that I’ve been to Baler before, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy riding the waves one more time.

But my second time in Baler didn’t disappoint me.  It introduced me to a beauty called Dicasalarin Cove.

Having fell in love years ago with the unembellished picturesqueness of non-commercialized beaches of Calaguas and Potipot, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized once more by the tranquil waters and unspoiled white sand of Dicasalarin Cove in Baler.

It was a steady 30-minute boat ride that brought me and my travel companions to Dicasalarin Cover from the town of Baler in Aurora province.  Our tour guide said we could also travel to the cove by van, but it would save us more time if we travel by boat.  So we opted for the boat ride, which was in itself an attraction.  With the refreshing scent of the sea and the charm exuded by the land forms surrounding the blue waters, half an hour just passed so quickly that we barely noticed it.

Finally stepping on the pristine sand of the cove, I stared at the raw beauty surrounding me.  Undisturbed coconut trees, a mighty yet charming cliff, an intriguing lighthouse on top of the cliff, and clear blue green waters welcomed me.  No noisy crowd. No fancy restos and bars. Just plain beauty of nature!

The best thing about this hidden cove was it wasn’t crowded with guests yet. There were probably just two or three travel groups enjoying the beauty of the cove with us during our stay.  Because of that, Dicasalarin Cove gave us a relaxing, calm and enjoyable time in Baler.

What you need to know for your travel:

  • Boat ride costs PHP2000. We were lucky to be traveling as a group so we just paid around PHP300 per person.
  • Entry fee is PHP300. You can get it for less if you’re booked as a guest of Costa Pacifica resort.
  • Our tour guide mentioned that you can buy pizza and bottled water in the cove.
  • There’s a decent shower and toilet in Dicasalarin Cove. Since it’s a non commercialized beach, just don’t expect high end amenities.

Other Baler tourists spots to explore

Museo de Baler


Baler signage for photo ops (just acrosss Museo de Baler)


Ermita Hill

Diguisit Rock Formations


Baler Hanging Bridge

Dona Aurora Quezon House




12 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, I agree, it’s really a beautiful place. Love that it’s not a crowded beach.


  2. Ang ganda! I would often associate Baler with surfing spots so good to know na may ganito ka-gandang beach sa area. Will check this out 🙂


  3. Baler is such a gorgeous place! It’s the perfect weekend getaway with loved ones! 🙂


  4. We also visited Dicasalarin Cove when we went to Baler. Masyado kami nag-enjoy we went back to our resort by boat ng medyo late na, malakas na yung alon.


  5. Mommy Levy says:

    ang ganda ng lugar. I like that hindi sya crowded compared sa ibang beach.


  6. The place really looks nice and peaceful. I hope that the local gov’t will be wise to let it stay that way. I haven’t been to Baler though but from what I heard, the place really looks nice.


  7. Liz A says:

    Love, love the cove! Hoping to bring the family to Baler sometime soon. We just need to figure out the logistics first. LOL!


  8. Oh this, because I’m no surfer! Took note of the costs for the budget. Thanks, Mommy Gwen.


  9. tweenselmom says:

    love the color of the sand and it looks so peaceful there!


  10. Ang ganda talaga sa Baler. Ilang beses na kami dapat pupunta uli dyan lagi nalang di natutuloy. Thank you for sharing this, now may idea na kami ano ang magagandang puntahan.


  11. Been to Baler once when we my husband requested for a “couple time”. Although dahil takas lang kami, di kami nakapunta rito. I wish to be here soon, ang gandaaa!


  12. I want to revisit Baler hopefully soon! I love eating seafood there dahil sobrng fresh!


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