Merries Diapers: No. 1 baby diaper in Japan is now in the Philippines

Since I became a mommy, diapers have invaded a portion of my closet.  Like other moms of newborn and toddlers, I’ve learned that these baby products, whether reusable cloth or disposable, are one of the baby essentials that should never run out in our household. Diapers are now as important as my favorite facial wash. I honestly won’t last a day without them! 😊

So just imagine my delight when, one day, I arrived from work and saw this girly little package waiting for me. I felt like I won a major raffle prize! 😊 My joy doubled upon learning that the package was from Merries, the No.1 baby diaper in Japan!

merries diapers, merries philippines

The No. 1 baby diaper in Japan receives a warm welcome from Baby Tash.


Merries diapers come in two forms: the tape diapers and the pants.  Since baby Tash is already an energetic 9-month-old baby who now loves to crawl and practice walking, the medium-sized pants diaper is best for her.

merries diapers, merries philippines

The No. 1 by brand in Japan Baby Diaper market in terms of Sales Value share for Tape and Pants diapers, based on research SRI data of INTAGE Inc., Japan., (Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2016).

As excited as I was to try Merries diapers on my baby, I was eager to know what makes this diaper brand from Japan stand out from other diapers I see in the grocery store.

Merries diapers, merries Philippines
Baby Tash is happy with the Merries diapers gift package 🙂

The Basics

Gentle on baby’s skin

This is one of my non-negotiables when it comes to my baby’s diaper.  I stopped using some diaper brands with hard and sharp surface, which caused rashes on my baby’s skin.  Merries diapers have soft and fluffy surface, so it’s safe for my baby.

Merries diapers, merries Philippines

Great tummy fit

My Baby Tash really has a cute big tummy that’s like a siopao! 😊  Good thing Merries diaper is not too tight on her soft tummy.

Convenient to wear

At 9 months, my baby is super active and energetic.  She loves to crawl and stand up and wiggle her body even during our diaper changing sessions.  The Merries pants diaper makes nappy change easier because she can wear it just like an underwear.  So even if she’s standing, sitting, drinking milk or just being “malikot”,  I can put her diaper on.



Prevents leakage

Its snug fit around baby’s tummy and thighs is one of its best features.  Since the diaper fits snugly around my baby’s tummy and thighs, it stays in place even if Tash is very active so there’s a lesser chance for pee and poo leakage. 😊  Plus, the sunken areas of the soft sheet are designed to trap baby’s poo, preventing it from scattering or sticking to baby’s skin.

Very absorbent

So far, baby Tash slept well through the night using Merries diapers.

Happy diaper design

Of course, the Merries bunnies are as merry as their name!


The Edge Over Others

Since I’ve tried almost every diaper brand for baby Tash, I must say that the six benefits I mentioned above can also be found in other diapers we’ve tried.  There are two things I’ve noticed in Merries diapers that I had not experienced in other diapers:

The sides of the Merries pants diapers are easy to tear.

The problem I encountered with the pants style of other diaper brands is it’s so hard to change whenever there’s poo in the diaper.  The sides of other diaper brands I’ve tried are difficult to tear.  Since it’s “pants style”, I have to pull the diaper down just to remove it, causing the poo to spread and even stick on baby’s legs and foot.


Color changing strip 

Merries diapers have a blue strip that changes to dark blue when it’s time to change the diaper.


The Hitch

The downside of this diaper brand is it’s only available in a few stores.   It’s not conveniently available in the stores near my workplace or our home.  Hopefully, it will soon be available everywhere. 😊

Merries diapers, merries Philippines

With its many good points, this #1 diaper from Japan deserves a warm welcome from Filipino moms and babies.

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