My Breastfeeding Must Haves

Breastfeeding is one of the noblest responsibilities of a mother.  While everybody knows that it’s not an easy task, there are things that will help make a mother’s breastfeeding journey as smooth as possible.

A certified nursing mom, whether she’s exclusively breastfeeding or mixed feeding, certainly has her very own breastfeeding kit.  It’s now as important as those girly pouches filled with blushers and lippies.

Sharing the contents of my breastfeeding kit with my fellow breastfeeding mommas 😊

Breast Pump

Whether it’s manual or electric, a sturdy breast pump is a must-have for every nursing mom.  Working moms will surely use a breast pump to express milk at work, but even stay-at-home moms may sometimes need it to express milk when experiencing difficulty in direct feeding.

I’m so blessed to have borrowed Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump from my good friend and Millennial Moms PH Founder Dette.  This breastfeeding gadget is heaven-sent to a working mom like me. With just a few minutes to spare, I am able to quickly express milk at work.  I typically express 4 oz of milk for 10 minutes.

Avent Dual Electric Breast Pump

Haakaa Breast Pump

Please click here to read more about this amazing breastfeeding gadget. 🙂

Nursing Cover

Thanks to breastfeeding advocates, nursing your child is now acceptable even in public. But for those like me who still need privacy when breastfeeding, a nursing cover can serve as a curtain separating the world from our intimate moment with our babies. I’m blessed again to have borrowed this nursing cover from my sis-in-law Karen 🙂

Nursing Cover

Breast Pads

To avoid embarrassing moments when milkflow is just surprisingly heavy, I depend on super absorbent breast pads. I prefer the washable ones over the disposable as I proved it is more reasonable on the budget. I bought my breastpads from online store 4R Sisters Nursing Wear for only Php35 per pair.

Breast Pads

Breastmilk Storage Bottles/Plastic Bags

For storing my expressed milk, I prefer breastmilk storage bottles than disposable breastmilk plastic bags.

In the first few months I was expressing milk, I used sealable disposable breastmilk plastic bags. I’ve tried brands like Orange and Peach, Autumnz, and HoneyZuckle.  They all are a big help, but it realized the extra cost of buying these disposable breastmilk bags is not very helpful to our parenting budget. 😊

Thus, I decided to invest on a set of quality breastmilk storage bottles that’s perfect for long-term use. I just bought a set of BPA-free Looney Tunes breastmilk bottles from the department store. It’s an affordable yet quality alternative to costly branded breastmilk plastic bags.

breastmilk storage bottles

Insulated Cooler Bag and Reusable Ice Packs

A working mom like me needs a quality cooler bag with reusable ice packs to store and transport her expressed milk from office to home.  I am using Autumnz insulated cooler bag with three reusable ice packs that last for 12 hours. This dynamic duo makes me feel confident that the breastmilk I expressed at work will remain fresh for my baby even if I get caught on traffic on the way home. I bought my cooler bag and reusable ice packs from online store Mamabella Nursing and Maternity Wear.

insulated cooler bag reusable ice packs, breastfeeding

Nursing Bras

Comfortable nursing bras are a must-have when breastfeeding. These undergarments are needed to ensure fast and easy access for my baby during breastfeeding time.


I am not a fan of veggies like malunggai and sabaw (thin soup), so I relied heavily on supplements to increase or maintain my milk supply.

During the first two months, I took Lifeoil Malunggai Capsules three times a day and Fenugreek capsules twice a day.  Lifeoil Malunggai can be bought from Mercury Drug Store, while Fenugreek capsules are available at Healthy Options.

When my milk supply became stable, I switched to the more affordable yet equally effective Natalac capsules, which I am now taking once a day.

 Sachet of Milo

My breastfeeding essentials list won’t be complete without the choco-malt drink Milo. Milo contains malt, which is a popular galactagogue. So aside from beating the “energy gap”,  I make sure that I drink a cup of Milo every day to boost my milk supply.

Bottle of Water

There are still differing opinions when it comes to whether or not water can increase breastmilk supply.  Nevertheless, I make sure to get enough water for cleansing and hydration.  Breastfeeding is a tough task. I need water, water, water to be refreshed.


There are other amazing breastfeeding products in the market such as lactation cookies/brownies etc., lactation drinks, and many more. Just ask a breastfeeding friend of yours, check out a breastfeeding shop or do some online search and you will not run out of breastmilk boosting products to try.   I haven’t tried everything yet though. 🙂

I am happy to say that my baby and I are on our 9th month in this breastfeeding adventure. I’m hoping to continue as long as possible. 😊

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  3. I love my fenugreek tea! I would drink it all the time even if I weren’t nursing. The health benefits are amazing!

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    1. Fenugreek also worked for me. ❤️


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