Mom’s Joy behind the Halloween activities

When I was still single, I looked forward to Halloween events in the office simply because I loved seeing cute and cuddly babies in oh-so-fluffy costumes! Never imagined myself being the stage mom incessantly taking photos of her little one.

Well, fast forward to 2017, and I’m now the doting mother to this adorable pink little mermaid, lost in an office somewhere in Ortigas. 😍

I know. Millennial! First-time mom! 👩‍👧Parents in generations ahead of ours were right. When you have a child, you want to cherish every single moment that you’re together. That’s true. You even look for occasions when you and your child can bond in the most memorable,  most creative,  most beautiful way possible. 😊

And yes, I saw our workplace Halloween event as an opportunity to bond with my daughter during work hours. 👩‍👧

Tash with mom and cousin Ethan 🙂

It’s not about the trick or treat tradition. It’s not about the costume competition. For a first-time mom like me, it’s about spending time with my child and creating another beautiful memory that both of us can fondly look back to in the years to come.

My 10-month-old baby may not remember anything, but I know the stories I will tell her and the photos that we have will be cherished by Tash when she’s old enough. Even while she’s still a baby, I want to start a happy friendship with her. I want her to feel that when she’s with mom, she can always have the “best day ever”. 😊

But of course, practical mommy made sure that this bonding experience did not go beyond the budget. I bought her little mermaid outfit for less than Php200 from EDOS General Merchandise! 👍🏻

For Tash’s mermaid headdress, I just made a DIY mermaid headband. I bought plastic sea creature ornaments (the ones placed in aquariums) from a pet shop  for only Php50, chose the colors that matched the pink mermaid costume, and glued them to Tash’s old headband. 😊

Who would’ve thought that this less than Php300 costume set will be awarded as one of the three “Best in Costume”! 👏 Little Tash’s mommy was so happy and proud.

Halloween events, whether in school or at work or inside villages, are no longer scary occasions. It’s another wonderful opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time together and create awesome memories. ❤️

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