Movie Date at Ayala Vertis North Cinema

Hubby and I have a new favorite movie place, the Ayala Vertis North Cinema! 🍿


As a young married couple, we know we have to look for ways to insert a few hours of couple time in a week. Thanks to Ampa and Amma for watching over our little one while we’re away! 👴🏻👵🏻 Today, it’s movie time for Mr & Mrs Serrano, and we decided to try the cinema of the new Ayala Vertis North mall.

Our Thor Ragnarok movie watching became even more enjoyable because of the cinema’s wide screen! They say Ayala Vertis North cinema has the largest movie screen in the Philippines.  To match this wide screen feature was, of course, a Dolby surround sound system.

Aside from the giant movie screen and great audio, what’s great about this movie house is you don’t see the head of the person seating in front of you.  The seats were designed for that convenience. That’s why the flight of stairs is steep.  (Note to senior citizens: Please don’t attempt to seat at the topmost portion because it’s gonna be like a walkathon.) Good thing they placed handrails on the side.

Regular seats at Ayala Vertis North Cinema

The movie ticket price is a bit more expensive than other cinemas in the metro. But thanks to our BPI Amore credit card, we got a discount! 👍🏻 The regular seats cost Php300. Vertis North cinema also has lazyboy chairs that surely cost more, but we didn’t bother inquiring about the price since we’re after the movie and not the seat.

Ayala Vertis North cinema gave us a great movie experience. Plus, of course, it’s clean since it’s a new movie house. So, the next time hubby and I get the chance to leave our baby to grandparents to have some couple bonding time again, we will surely go back to Ayala Vertis North cinema. 😎

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