DIY hair removal using Strip It Sugar Wax

When I became a mom, I lost tolerance for waiting in line for my turn inside waxing salons.  Though I enjoy the convenience of having someone else do all the “dirty work” for me, I’d rather spend the precious minutes cuddling with my baby or doing some other mommy errand.  So I looked for hair removal alternatives and considered doing DIY hair removal.

I found out about sugar waxing technique or sugaring.  They said this method of hair removal originated from ancient times.  In sugaring, a sticky paste made from sugar or honey is used to strip off the hair from the body.  With its all-natural ingredients, I’m confident that it’s a safe hair removal solution even with my sensitive skin.

One of the affordable sugar wax available in the market is Strip It, a ready-to-use hair removal cold wax.  The Strip It sugaring kit consists of the cold wax made from sugar and calamansi, stripping cloth, and a wooden spatula.

Strip It cold wax, Strip It wax, sugaring, sugar waxing, hair removal

How to use

  1. Read the manual that is included in the sugar waxing kit.
  2. Make sure the area that you will wax is dry and clean.
  3. Cut the stripping cloths vertically.
  4. Apply enough cold wax on the hair area.
  5. Place the stripping cloth on top and rub gently for a few seconds.
  6. Take a deep breath and strip off abruptly and strongly.
  7. With a damp towel, remove the excess wax on the skin.
  8. Apply Aloe Vera Gel or Emu oil.


Strip It cold wax, Strip It wax, sugaring, sugar waxing, hair removal

Benefits of using Strip It Cold Wax

  1. It is safe to use on the entire body even on sensitive skin.
  2. It is completely water-soluble so you won’t be feeling sticky afterward.
  3. Since its compound adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin, as ordinary wax does, there is less pain & discomfort than with other waxes.
  4. “Strip it” also exfoliates the skin while removing the hair, because dead skin cells and impurities are stripped off at the same time. Thus it leaves the skin soft and smooth.
  5. The Calamansi ingredient promotes skin lightening.
  6. Since there’s no need to avail expensive waxing services in a waxing salon, you can save both money and time. (Price Range: PHP130-295)


What I don’t like about it is it’s a bit messy to use (of course, since it’s made from sugar and all).  To prevent attracting ants and other insects, I have to make sure the spatula and cold wax container are free from sticky substances before I keep it inside my closet.

Where to buy

Aside from Strip It online store, there are partner stores that distribute Strip It Cold Wax. Please click here to see the list.


As a working mom, this DIY waxing works wonders for me.  It’s very effective and cost effective. 🙂 If you still have doubts on whether or not you should try it, please check Strip It’s FAQ page.



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