Pampers shares how choosing quality diaper is important to child’s motor development

My little Tash finally walked on her own this love-filled month of February! 😊   While other people see her taking those tiny wobbly steps, Mommy can already see her running around, going up the stage, trotting around the globe, strolling along her chosen path.  Mommy believes this baby will go places.


tash walk

Click here to watch the video of little Tash’s first steady walk.


Every parent knows how crucial walking is for a child’s growth and development.  Her first steps will lead to the first dance, the first run, the first climb.  In his book Understanding Motor Development in Children, David L. Gallahue states that “Movement is at the very center of young children’s lives. It is an important facet of all aspects of their development, whether in the motor, cognitive, or affective domains of human behavior.”

Unrestrained movements for the child’s development


Walking and other movements will allow children to discover, learn and enjoy.  Thus, unrestrained movement is certainly a must for babies/toddlers.  So though I fear that little Tash might hit the floor or bump her head while she’s excitedly walking, I know I must not stop her from taking the steps she wants to take. With proper guidance from us, our little ones should enjoy freedom to walk, move, and play for their own good.

Wearing diapers affects a child’s walking?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a study stating that wearing diapers can have an adverse effect on infant walking.  The study Go Naked: Diapers Affect Infant Walking suggests that babies be allowed to walk naked instead.  While reading the study, I just realized how difficult it is for my child to move around with that bulky, heavy diaper behind her.

Less lawlaw, go galaw!

While I’m willing to do as the study suggests for the sake of my baby’s development, we all know that walking naked is not always practical for both moms and babies in our fast-paced lifestyle today.  That’s why I became relieved when I found out that the latest technology from Pampers is something that addresses this problem.

The new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry, now with magic gel channels, absorbs wetness faster and distributes it evenly throughout the whole diaper, preventing sagging.  This not only offers overnight dryness but makes the diaper thinner and drier, putting an end to mommy’s saggy diaper problems and promoting unrestrained movement for the child.


Click here to watch the video of Pampers’ latest magic that prevents saggy diaper problems.

pampers baby dry, pampers less lawlaw, pampers technology



It’s just amazing how the diaper was able to absorb the liquid quickly.  No wetness at all after a few seconds! The diaper just felt cold, but it was dry in an instant. 😊

I enjoyed witnessing the Pampers experiment with fellow mom bloggers 🙂
The diaper just feels cold, but it was totally dry

Less lawlaw, more savings!

All hands-on moms know that a saggy diaper means it’s filled with pee already and therefore, it’s time for nappy change. The diaper is easily wasted because all the wetness is concentrated in one spot, instead of spreading through the whole diaper. The accumulated wetness increases the likelihood of leaks so if a diaper easily sags, we have no choice but to change the diaper more often.

With magic gel channels, Pampers diapers make sure that moisture is absorbed faster and more evenly so there’s lesser nappy changing moments and more savings for Mom and Dad and more happy sleep for little Tash! 😊


pampers baby dry, pampers less lawlaw go galaw, pampers go galaw mornings, pampers diapers, pampers ph, mom blogger ph, millennial mom ph
Sleeping Tash will surely wake up to a happier morning 🙂


With less lawlaw (less sag) Pampers diaper, our little ones can walk as close to being naked. Just as every adult travel knows, it’s always smart to travel light.  Yes, even our little ones don’t need that extra baggage in their journey (in their case, the bulky saggy diaper)!

Coz I know my baby girl will go places, I need to make sure she doesn’t walk carrying a heavy load.  Hello to less lawlaw, go galaw mornings! 😊 #ChoosePampers #PampersGoGalaw



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