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The Work-at-Home Perks of the Yaya-less Working Momma

When you’re a mom working in the corporate world but you’ve got no household help or yaya (and best Grandma ever is on “vacation leave”), you get to experience being a working mom, stay at home mom, work at home, mompreneur status all at the same time. I thank God that my work today is… Continue reading The Work-at-Home Perks of the Yaya-less Working Momma

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Travel YOLO with YOYO stroller by Babyzen

Sharing with fellow travel-loving parents my latest stroller discovery, the YOYO Stroller by Babyzen Philippines. This stroller can be carried like a shoulder bag, can carry both a baby and a toddler at the same time, and can be used from birth til toddler years. What more can you ask for? Travel YOLO this summer with this YOYO Stroller.

Baby/Kids Products, Motherhood Joys and Challenges

Choosing quality diapers is important to child’s motor development

Every parent knows how crucial walking is for a child’s growth and development.  Her first steps will lead to the first dance, the first run, the first climb.  In his book Understanding Motor Development in Children, David L. Gallahue states that “Movement is at the very center of young children’s lives. It is an important facet of all aspects of their development, whether in the motor, cognitive, or affective domains of human behavior.”