Focus on TODAY – Blocks of Wisdom for Marriage

Hello August! 😊 This month reminds me of the very wholesome bridal shower my beautiful sisters-in-law organized for me three years ago. The guests wrote on a block a word of wisdom they wanted me to bring in the new chapter of my life — married life. Back then, I didn’t really take these colorful wisdom blocks seriously. But now, I look at each block and I thank each lovely lady who wrote them for reminding me of the basics in marriage. 💑

One block that stands out is a block named TODAY. It was written by my Mom. I can’t remember exactly every bit of her long explanation, but I think the main thought was, in marriage, you have to focus on the present, the moment, the now.

Now, I’m slowly beginning to appreciate the beauty of my mom’s word of wisdom. Marriage is about living in the moment with your spouse – every precious second of it, whether convenient or difficult, whether sweet or annoying, whether perfect or flawed.

Today brings so much opportunities to bond and create memories. Instead of dwelling in the past or anxiously controlling the future, it is wise to focus on the present fleeting moments.

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  1. Veronica Malonzo says:

    Love it, buds!

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    1. Thank you, Ms. V. Iba ang habilin ni Inay. 🙂


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