Little Rascals Wonderland: Mobile play ground for a fun kiddie party

While I believe that there’s more to a child’s special occasion than games and activities,  a parent like me really hopes to make my child and the guests extra happy on a special day by keeping the little ones entertained.

Luckily, there are so many ways to spice up a children’s party nowadays.  From food carts to puppets shows, there are a lot of options for kiddie party entertainment. Gone are the days when kiddie parties were equal to palayok breaking and pabitin. 😅

Mobile Activity Ground for Kids from Little Rascals Wonderland

If you’re planning a party for the little one, why not set up an entire play ground?

In a play area, kids can choose from several games and activities.  Sounds like a great idea, right? But really, do you have the energy, resources and the patience to do that on your own?


No problem!  Leave that to the experts.

Party supplier Little Rascals Wonderland offers mobile activity grounds suitable for all ages and can be set up in both indoor and outdoor venues.  In the activity ground, children can choose from a variety of activities carefully selected to stimulate both the cognitive and motor, fine and gross skills of children during an event.


The aim of the mobile play ground is to provide an amazing play experience where babies and kids can have fun and explore creativity in a safe environment.

Little Rascals Wonderland’s basic kiddie package mostly features educational wooden toys (which can be purchased separately).  It also offers inflatable playgrounds, basketball arcades, virtual reality games, and other add-ons which will surely excite the kids and the kid-at-heart!


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