Personalized Name Labels for Kids’ Stuff from Sticker Kid

Decades ago, the “back to school season” made my mom extra busy. She spent several hours patiently and lovingly writing our names on our new books and school supplies.  I never understood my mom’s OCness when it comes to putting names on our stuff until I became a mom. I now admit I have inherited my mom’s fetish for putting labels on things. With the OCness of a certified mommy, I now love putting labels on my daughter’s things too. ❤️

Aside from the fact that my child’s things always get misplaced, I like to personalize her stuff with sticker labels that feature her favorite color and character. So say hello to Tash’s pink princess sticker labels! So kikay, my daughter! 👧🏻

Sticker Kid Customized Labels

These sticker labels are from With customized name labels, kids’ clothes and belongings can be easily and quickly labeled to be sure that there will be no more lost or mixed up things. The labels do not only make life easier for parents but also for kids: with their chosen colors and characters printed on the labels, they can easily recognize their personal things.

Choose the characters, font styles, font color and background color for your child’s sticker labels.

The products are Swiss made but can be shipped all over the world.

Thanks to its Swiss quality, the stickers are safe to place inside washing machines, dryers and dishwashers so they are safe to stick on clothes, tumblers or lunch boxes.

Order your child’s customized sticker labels now from  If you purchase sticker labels today until August 22, 2019, Blissful Blooming readers may avail of 10% discount by using the voucher code Blissful10 in Sticker Kid’s checkout page.  🙂

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