Parents and kids play together at Kidzania Manila’s “Pasko Playtime” this December

This Christmas season, KidZania Manila is one with Filipino families in celebrating local cherished traditions, such as decorating homes with parol, preparing Noche Buena, and holding reunions with loved ones. So, exclusive for the holidays, parents can join their kids in engaging in nostalgic Christmas activities with “Pasko Playtime.”

Parents can play with their kids this Christmas season in KidZania Manila's Pasko Playtime

Kids, their moms and dads, even their ninongs and ninangs, get to relive the holiday spirit with various KidZania challenges that highlight well-loved Pinoy Christmas traditions.

Families can take the Pasko Playtime Family Challenge at the main square. Parents and kids will help each other set up the table for Noche Buena, and one lucky family will get to win a Noche Buena Christmas Package worth P5,000 everyday from December 16 to January 1.

Pasko Playtime at KidZania Manila (2)

Games also include the Monito Monita Challenge where they will match the gifts to corresponding Monito or Monita, and the Aguinaldo-Giving Challenge where they will try to fit different-sized boxes inside a big Balikbayan box.

Apart from these, families can explore various establishments with exciting Christmas-themed jobs. They can deliver surprise Christmas packages, prepare mouthwatering gift baskets, join the Christmas parade around the city, and sing carols in high spirits.

Regular Kidzania rates apply

During weekdays:

  • Toddler: P500
  • Kid: P900
  • Adult: P630

During weekends:

  • Toddler: P600
  • Kid: P1,100
  • Adult: P770

Bring the whole family for a wonderful, jolly “Pasko Playtime” at KidZania Manila this entire month of December! For updates, visit ‪ or follow the Play City’s social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) @kidzaniamanila.

Pasko Playtime at KidZania Manila (3)

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