How I Keep My Mind Sharp in My 30s

One of my challenges nowadays is how to cope with being forgetful. With the many things that run in my mind every day, I admit I often “lose it”. I lost the keys. I lost my daughter’s tumbler. I lost another sock.

Most of all, I lost my mind’s sharpness.

I forget about a lot of things: bringing the insect repellant, where I placed my mobile phone, replying to a client’s email, reminding the husband about the groceries, and whether or not I had already brushed my teeth this morning.

If you’re a certified mom, you know that forgetting anything—from the baby wipes to the child’s scheduled medical appointment—is something not to be taken lightly. The world will always blame us, moms, for every single thing that gets forgotten.

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What can I do? 🤷‍♀️ I’ll pass the blame on the momnesia phenomenon, my lack of focus, aging, being overworked, and having “too much on my plate”!

Of course, despite the many excuses, remembering everything will always be a mother’s responsibility. At the end of the day, keeping my mind sharp is something I need to prioritize not only because of my many responsibilities as a mother but also because it will affect my overall health. Studies show that we can prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of dementia by practicing good health habits and doing some brain exercises.

To sharpen my memory, I try to incorporate some of these activities into my already hectic schedule.

Learn something new

Digesting new information keeps the mind working. Whether it’s new knowledge or a new skill, it’s important to learn something that you will enjoy. Learn how to bake or play a musical instrument. Learn a new language. Enroll in a professional development course.

Fortunately, learning something new is a natural part of my work. As a professional writer, I always learn a thing or two whenever I write articles, press releases, video scripts, or even annual reports. The research that goes along with writing constantly fills my mind with new knowledge—from learning about prefabricated data centers to knowing what automated defibrillators can do to save a life! I’m so grateful for the myriad of knowledge I get from my chosen career. 😎

Play brain games

While some might think that it’s just great for leisure, playing games online is a good mental exercise. Experts say that playing brain training games offers benefits like boosting the memory, improving attention span, and increasing reaction time.

So though I have a lot of things to do, I try to spare time for playing online brain games. While waiting for the washing machine to finish drying the first batch of clothes or while waiting for my client’s feedback email, I play some quick games with my brain. 🧠

Glad I found a website that doesn’t require paid subscriptions just to play some fun games. One of my favorite brain games online is’s free online letter scramble video game. This time-pressured game will require you to form as many English-language words from the letter tiles shown in the playing field. I love this game because it keeps my brain active, and trains me to think quickly.

Another favorite of mine is the free online Candy Fiesta video game. Aside from keeping the mind engaged, this strategy game is effective in releasing dopamine, the chemical that makes us feel good. Playing this game gives me that extra GV I need to make it through a week of juggling work and household management.

Rearrange things

My husband thinks that I rearrange things at home for aesthetic reasons. That’s one thing. But the truth is I move objects from time to time to keep my mind sharp. When things are always where they are for a long period, I become too familiar with everything that I tend to do everything mindlessly. Rearranging objects at home forces my brain to quit the default mode.

Boost my vocabulary

Upgrading my treasure chest of words is essential in my work as a writer. However, I continue to enrich my vocabulary not only for work but also to strengthen my brain. Learning new words regularly is an effective mental workout.

Some of the ways I learn new words are reading the news, reading articles, listening to speeches online, and looking for synonyms of the words I commonly use.

Listen to Mentors

Another way for me to exercise my brain is by getting words of wisdom from people I admire and respect—from my parents and relatives to famous people in my field of work. The new knowledge we get from mentors can help strengthen our mental sharpness. It’s as good as learning a new skill.

Nowadays, I love listening to podcasts of my favorite speakers and business gurus. I also listen to online videos of some preachers. I also love watching TED Talks.

Spend time to relax

Five years into motherhood, I noticed that the moments I am most forgetful are the moments I am stressed. My inability to manage stress affects every aspect of my life—including my mental sharpness. That’s why despite our many excuses, it’s crucial for moms to have quality time for self-care. It may be a no-brainer, but relaxing when you’re a parent can be hard work. 😆 So let’s respect our time to distress, unwind, relax, and enjoy. Watch a movie. Enjoy a long bath. Get a shiatsu massage.

These are just some of the activities I try to do as regularly as possible to help me overcome my being forgetful. Along with having a healthy lifestyle, these brain activities will hopefully help more parents like me maintain a sharp and healthy mind.

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  1. Antoniette Sanchez David says:

    Thanks dito naku 28 Palang ako pero madalas na Talaga ko makalimot mommy salamat sa advice na ito


  2. Owen Ponce says:

    This i need nowadays,IL Start all doing,one by one , really appreciate it very much


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